Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mr. International Leather, Chicago

Anyone going? I'd love to go, but, can never find anyone willing to go. Jodie??? Even if it were only to go to the LEATHER MARKET. I think that would be fantastic. A real eye opener for someone, Jodie????? lol, and before you guys get the wrong idea, Jodie is not into anything kinky. Me, I just love a guy in leather. And if he is a bottom, and helpless, all the better. Jodie, have I totally embarrassed you by now? sorry chica, you know me.
I wish I was twenty again, and had a special guy who wanted to play. Once upon a time, there was a boyfriend, first boyfriend actually. He taught me things I had never thought about before. Ok, I admit I had thought about them, but had never said it out loud. Who knew, some men liked to have there behinds worked on. lol. I sure didn't. And was I totally surprised to meet his husband years later at a street fair? no, not at all. But, alas the seed of interest had been planted. We had a lot of fun in the years we were together, but, I then married the vanilla putz I married, and all the fun went out the window. Sooo, anyone interested in going to MR. INTERNATIONAL LEATHER???? Come one, some one must want to go and check out the leather boys in bondage, I can't be the only one.

May 25-29
Palmer House Hotel, Chicago.

See ya all there.


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