Wednesday, April 12, 2006

...Off to class!

Ok, I'm off to my Wednesday class. Which is EVERYTHING psychic and spiritual. Tonight...We are working on Chakras and working with Pendulums. Fortran telling basics. Soon...I'll be able to put on my star and moon ear rings and set up a card table with a purple tablecloth and be able to tell your furture. Hmmm, lets see...I see in my crystal ball for myself...a new lover, a new home, and something big, juicy and yummy year round...I see oranges. DAMNIT I need a new crystal ball! ORANGES..ORANGES..ORANGES are NOT what I want in my...Future. Ok, I'm on my way out the door, I'm feeling a little bit a rebel tonight, I'm gonna where my HANSON tee shirt. I dare them to snicker or laugh out loud at me. And they best not even try that going to the bathroom in packs thing. I'm a psychic I'll know what they are snickering about. Where is my Wand..

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