Saturday, April 01, 2006


Hey there.
Glad to see you've peeked in. I think we'll all learn a lot about each other. I'm not one to be fit into any particular box. For instance...I'm a mom, I have been a 4H leader, I take tea leaf reading classes and I've seen ghosts. Oh...And I also write gay male fiction.
So, where do I belong? NOW NOW! None of that. I don't think I look good in institutional green.
But, welcome, and I hope you enjoy spying into my looking glass.


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Jo said...

Hi Darlin! So glad to see you finally made yourself a blog. Now there is a place I can post and know at least one person will get it. I'm already inside your head so I'm quite comfy there, but to the newbies just tuning in: Just sit back and enjoy the ride. It will be unique.

Love ya!