Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Yep, there is a mouse living in my printer…Ok, maybe “living” isn’t the right word. But he visits, often. And each time it scares the hell out of me. Out of the corner of my eye I’ll see quick movement, look over and see him dart into the paper slot. I’ve tried banging, yelling, and trying to explain to said intruder that he/she is not welcome to make runs through my printer. But, alas, he’s not listening. Ok, it must be a he mouse. Not that I have anything against the male gender in any way. But, having a husband and 15 year old son, I can see all too clearly see the signs of Involuntary deafness. I’ll explain. Just ask any 15 year old to take out the garbage…feed the dog…give the cat water. And they suddenly become Helen Keller.
But, mumble under your breath a mention of a trip to the mall, wal-mart, or anywhere there might be other cute teenagers, and it’s a MIRICLE, PRAISE THE LORD they can again hear and see, not to mention smell. Yep, ten minutes and clean shirt and half a bottle of Abercrombie stinky stuff, and they are ready to face the world.
So, I guess I should mention to said mouse that if he is going live in the printer then he has to change the ink cartridges, maybe then he will think twice about declaring squatters rights, if he has to actually DO something while in there.

Oh, and have I mentioned the mouse is driving the cat insane? She sits and sticks her paw inside trying to unlodge him. But, so far all she’s gotten is frustrated. After hours of trying to coax the rodent from his hiding place, she resorts to her fuzzy-fake-lets-get-the-cat-high-toy. Which you would think would actually give her the munchies and she would return to her quest to un-squat the squatter. But, so far she’s been too high to actually get back off the bed. And what is wrong with this stupid mouse? Does he have a death wish, or is he getting off on tormenting me and the cat??? Sly mouse, silly mouse. I can see the battle just beginning.

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