Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our lord in an elevator.

My daughter was just telling me a funny story. It seems the other day her best friend Kathy's niece who is just two, was in a crowded elevator with her grandmother, when little two year old Bella looked up and announced to all who was standing near her....


That's it. Simple. To the point.

Her grandmother, nervously chuckled and tried to let it pass. But people where looking at her strangely, so she said the only thing she could. "I never thought I'd be the grandmother of our saviour." HA, ha, ummm.

LOL. Bella didn't make any other announcements or didn't elaborate on WHY she thought she was Jesus. But it was enough.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



...Oh, yeah, and the rest of those Moynahans too.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and here's wishing you all a fantastic new year.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Yummy! just yummy!

And yes, he is legal and was legal in this picture. In most states anyhow. In mine he was.

The book I've written, the main character is this picture when I think of him. Angelic. But not so innocent.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow, snow, snow.

Well, it really is a winter wonderland outside. We received about a foot of snow last night. They weather was fierce and the driving was horrible. I had the huge Chevy truck with 4 wheel drive and I still was sliding all over the place.

The dog is loving it though. He's a big puppy, ten months and huge as a house already, Murphy is jumping, and rolling and just having a blast playing in it. Nitro, not so much. He runs out, does his business and runs back to the house. "I'm cold, open the door, let me in. IT'S COLD OUT HERE PEOPLE!" While Murphy is jumping off snow banks. "COME PLAY WITH ME. THIS IS AWESOME! WATCH MEEEEEE!"

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A gnome named Maplewine

I've had the almost the same strange dream twice in so many days.
It begins with a guy trying to protect a princess like girl. She is sleeping in a room. He looks out the window and sees a gnome rising from a hole/pit in the ground. The guy takes one of the two short swords he is wearing, maybe a foot long out of its sheath, recites something about keeping and protecting the girl and lays it in the doorway of the room.
He then goes to fight the gnome. In the first dream he felt bad, this rising gnome.

But today, once he was inside the building and coming for the guy I wasn't sure if he was evil or not. The guy was prepared to do battle or whatever, but then in the dream I saw that he was suddenly out of his body and standing next to the gnome. The gnome was talking gently to the guys body saying. "Wake up Andrew. Wake up Andrew, today isn't a good day to die. Wake up!" Then Andrew traveled back into his body and awoke. I then knew the name of the gnome. It is Maplewine. And he is there to help Andrew fight someone even more evil coming.

Very interesting.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Love ya all.

I love you guys!

I'm so tired of living like I'm being held hostage. Always walking on egg shells. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year if I don't talk to any of you.

Tomorrow morning my phone/cable/Internet gets shut off because he won't pay it. So, no TV of any kind, we don't have an outside antenna. My cars transmission went out, so I don't even have a car until he comes home from work. So I have to depend on his mood if I need to go anyplace. I hate this. I've never had to rely on other people. I hate it.

He's now in the living room, screaming, and throwing things, because he's a bully. This bill and the box of others have been in the TO PAY box for over a month. I pay half my paycheck each week out for doctor bills, insurance, what have you. But still it's my fault in some way that he has no money. Each week, his check is a day short or he says. He leaves here each morning at the same time, comes home at the same time, yet they short him all the time. BULLSHIT!
I don't know where he goes or with whom, but it's not to work evidently. The landlord needs her money. Behind two months. How the hell is this possible? he makes good money, yet we have nothing. Christmas is in two weeks. Yeah, that's gonna be festive.

I'm just so tired of it all. So, I'll check in when I can. I'm going to Jodie's on Friday, god willing and the creek don't rise. So, I'll read your blogs then.

Love you guys.


I left for awhile and when I came home at around nine...he had written a check for the phone/cable/internet bill. If he had the money, why didn't he just pay it earlier instead of screaming and breaking things? I don't get it. I did a phone payment at no charge so its paid.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


First off, my many props to my home-girl Jodie. Those seats were amazing. I should say those purse holders, because no one sat during the two hour plus show.
THEY ROCKED! ok, maybe not as much as the last show at the house of blues/Chicago. But, it was a great show. They were wifeless, kid less, and they did what they wanted. Um...including we believe getting really really stinking stoned. At least one member was. And another appeared to have had waaaay to many Starbucks coffees today. WIRED. But I love him.
I just can't express how good they are in concert. They really are THAT good. I'm not pulling your leg...or anything else. Honest.
The weather held out. Except right by the venue where it was nothing but ice. Ice that nearly sent me sliding into Megan and her into on coming traffic. But we managed to stop before we went skidding onto the street. We were suppose to have a horrible ice storm, but it seems to have gone north. Thank goodness.
...oh, and my really cute, classy daughter...wanted to flash Hanson, ala girls gone wild. Bet we would have gotten to the front row then. lol. But maybe not.

Monday, December 03, 2007

My affair with trees.

Over the years, I've had a love/hate relationship with my Christmas trees.
Some years I have just loved my tree. Others, not so much. And a few ... well, lets just say I couldn't wait to throw them out into the yard.

Some years I reveled in the glorious thing which was the tree. Twenty strands of lights, and every inch of space taken up by ornaments, garland and tinsel. The angel on top beaming out at me. Every space had to have something. Some years it was sesame street. Others, pink and white teddy bears. Yet others, all red, or blue or silver. But my favorite will always be the multi colored explosions of color with every thing including the kitchen sink added to it. And hell, if the lights blinked I was in a state of euphoria.

Then there were the years when I just wanted it over with already. The lights were wrong, I hated the color schemes and besides, could NO ONE else in this insane family not see that every space was not taken up? the lights were uneven and that angel, she wasn't smiling, she was smirking at me.Every time I looked up at her, I just knew what she was thinking. "This is the ugliest tree that ever was. It's uneven, the lights are knockoffs and those dime store ornaments should never have seen the light of day. Yet, here they are on your PERFECT tree." Little Bitch, she deserved a stick up her back side for giving me those nasty looks and making those comments. Who did she think she was? and hell, she came from Wal-mart, how snooty could she have really been?

Then there was the year we had the charlie brown Christmas tree. It didn't start out that way. Nope. It came from a large chain of hardware stores. Handy Andy I believe. Anyhow. It was already tied up, so you only could see how tall it was. The green color was beautiful. It appeared healthy and robust. A friend and I both bought one of those magnificent trees. We lugged them home in her truck and light good new wives. We set it up out on the porch in the bucket of sugar water to let it...settle. The following day. It was lugged into the house. My husband cut the base and fit it into the stand. I lovingly filled it with water and a tablespoon of sugar to keep it looking alive and green.
The next day the phone rang. My friend who had the brother of my tree was calling to ask If I had noticed anything, um, different about my tree. No, I told her, I hadn't. What could be wrong with my beautiful green tree. She began to laugh and told me to go and look closer. To look at the trunk. In fact I should look at the trunk all the way to the tip. What color was mine?
"What color is mine? aren't tree trunks brown?" I asked in my new farm wife innocence.
"Just go look and tell me what you see." I went over to the tree, got down and looked at my tree trunk. Green. I looked higher. Still green. What could this mean? She was laughing so hard I could hardly understand what she was telling me.
Our beautiful healthy, fresh cut trees, where so old, they had been spray painted green. Within days, the branches were drooping, needles were dropping at an alarming rate and the entire thing began to look like a fire hazard. By Christmas, my wonderful tree made Charlie Browns little branch of a tree look like the one in New York's Rockefeller Center.
Poor, sad little dead tree, lost it's branches when I tried to move it outside. It was bare and twig like by the time it went over the side of my front porch. That was the year I think I was still finding needles in April. Sneaky things that they are.

My love/hate relationship will continue for awhile longer I'm guessing. Next year I want a red one. Or a pink one. Something different and crazy. I like crazy. Why not a pink painted tree, I've already had one sprayed painted green. Not much difference if you ask me.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tree, part two

Ok, now there are white lights working on the top and the bottom. Red lights strung through the entire tree...


Now there are more red ones in the center than the top or bottom. OY VIE!

And the drama continues...


Tree is in the living room.

...but at the moment, it sorta looks drunk and funkified.

It's poor branches are here and there. They look like me when I first wake up and my hair (branches) are going every which way.

Maybe I'll work on it later. Maybe, maybe not.



I'll take a favorite quote of captain Jack and change it a bit. "I LOVE THIS SHOW!" He says "I love this planet"

I have to tell ya, on tonight's ep, I cried a little, and I cheered at the end.

The familiar sound of the tardis brought my arm into the air, YES!!

I can't wait for season two. January 26. Yeah baby!

Will Rose come to Torchwood? will Jack help bring Rose back? Will Martha come to Torchwood? and what will Gwen and even Ianto think of her? Ooh I can't wait. I want Rose to come back and visit Jack. He's always had a soft spot for her. Hell, she saved his life as he did hers. But after looking into the heart of the tardis, and being god like, she saved Jacks life. Giving him an over abundance of life force, hence him not dying.

BRING ROSE BACK TO TORCHWOOD. I really would love to see his team have to deal with the two of them. lol. They have history that the team has no connection too.