Sunday, December 02, 2007



I'll take a favorite quote of captain Jack and change it a bit. "I LOVE THIS SHOW!" He says "I love this planet"

I have to tell ya, on tonight's ep, I cried a little, and I cheered at the end.

The familiar sound of the tardis brought my arm into the air, YES!!

I can't wait for season two. January 26. Yeah baby!

Will Rose come to Torchwood? will Jack help bring Rose back? Will Martha come to Torchwood? and what will Gwen and even Ianto think of her? Ooh I can't wait. I want Rose to come back and visit Jack. He's always had a soft spot for her. Hell, she saved his life as he did hers. But after looking into the heart of the tardis, and being god like, she saved Jacks life. Giving him an over abundance of life force, hence him not dying.

BRING ROSE BACK TO TORCHWOOD. I really would love to see his team have to deal with the two of them. lol. They have history that the team has no connection too.

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