Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm back online

I'm here. Yesterdays storms hit Illinois hard. Tornado's, wind gusts of 80 plus. And rain. Lots and lots of rain. Everywhere you look there is a new lake.
I don't even have work tonight because Kohl's has no power and hasn't had since yesterday when the first micro bursts came through.

Patrick was at the Will County Fair in the next town when it all hit. Doors blew off, atms came unhinged and destroyed the bingo tent. Entire vendor tents were blown away, right along with all of their merchandise.
Police showed up and made everyone go into the concrete buildings for protection. The flooding claimed about a hundred vehicles that sunk....including Megan's car that Patrick had driven there. Not a good thing. It finally was pulled free this morning. At six this morning it looked liked it was two in the afternoon with all the people working to get it all back up and running.

They said the Ferris wheel was spinning backwards and it was very close to crashing down.
It was surreal.
We are still under severe thunderstorm warnings, but it looks like it might miss us.
There are still about two hundred thousand people without power. Somehow I kept my power on thank goodness.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

MS WORD is back.

Well I think I finally have things back on my computer. And it only took ten calls to three different company's. Dell said it was a Microsoft issue. Microsoft said NO it was definitely Dells problem, they included the Microsoft software so it was THERE problem. Dell said there nuts it is there product call them and demand they fix it. MS said they can BITE ME they 'blah blah blah' AND AOL...threw up there hands and said..."Don't get us involved there all nuts." lol.

After calling all three for two days, getting the run around and talking to 11 different people...I finally got one person who actually knew what they were doing and helped me get around the reloading problem and gave me a generic code to allow me to download ms word. How insane is all this.
I could have avoided all this just by going and buying the newest version. But who has a hundred bucks lying around to just run over to Best Buy. I sure don't.
So I hung in there and finally have msword back on my pc.
Now let's all just keep their fingers crossed that nothing else goes south.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Starting tonight it is Fair Week. The pigs and steer go in tomorrow. They've gone to get the trailer right now. And then it's off to the fair grounds for tonight's 4H awards.
Every day for the next week, except maybe Tuesday there is a show. Swine, steers, swine open show. 4H show, dairy show, swine show again, steer open show. And numerous things I can't even remember right now.
In addition to all this, it is now two hundred degrees outside. This is normal, it has been nice and cool for weeks and because it is now fair week it has to be sweltering outside. Nice, real nice.
Nothing like heat, flies and smelly animals to make you hungry for fair food. Honestly, the smell doesn't bother me, using a pitchfork to clean up after animals bigger than me, doesn't bother me. A few of the woman in 4 h DO bother me. There are a few leaders who have been axed this year that will make me smile when I see them. I know that's bad but don't make my kid cry after winning the grand champion goat award to piss me off majorly.
So, I'm off to the fair for the first time over the next nine days. At least I don't have to stay twelve hours a day like I used too have too when the kids were small.
Why did I sign up for this in the first place, anyone have a clue???

Happy Lughnasadh to ALL.

Well little did I know it but I was in fashion and had my own little celebration twenty years ago today. I was married. Yep, twenty years. Hell, I'd be getting out of jail about now if I'd done away with him way back when....

And tonight my daughter and all of her friends had a big bonfire in our yard. I worked, but the smell of wood and friendship was all around when I came home. fashion of Lughnasadh. Happy lughnasadh too all. It all just fell into place without us even knowing what this day meant. I bet my guides knew. Sneaky, sneaky little guides.

....and why didn't anyone in the know tell me that I could have divorced him in a year and a day? I qualified I was married on Aug 1st. Drats. a dollar short and twenty years to late. My mantra I suppose.

Ancient celebration
Lughnasadh was one of the four main festivals of the medieval Irish calendar: Imbolc at the beginning of February, Beltane on the first of May, Lughnasadh in August and Samhain in November. The early Celtic calendar was based on the lunar, solar, and vegetative cycles, so the actual calendar date in ancient times may have varied. Lughnasadh marked the beginning of the harvest season, the ripening of first fruits, and was traditionally a time of community gatherings, market festivals, horse races and reunions with distant family and friends. Among the Irish it was a favored time for handfastings - trial marriages that would generally last a year and a day, with the option of ending the contract before the new year, or later formalizing it as a more permanent marriage.[1][2][3]
In Celtic mythology, the Lughnasadh festival is said to have been begun by the god Lugh, as a funeral feast and games commemorating his foster-mother, Tailtiu, who died of exhaustion after clearing the plains of Ireland for agriculture. The first location of the Áenach Tailteann was at the site of modern Teltown, located between Navan and Kells. Historically, the Áenach Tailteann gathering was a time for contests of strength and skill, and a favored time for contracting marriages and winter lodgings. A peace was declared at the festival, and religious celebrations were also held. A similar Lughnasadh festival was held at Carmun (whose exact location is under dispute). Carmun is also believed to have been a goddess of the Celts, perhaps one with a similar story as Tailtiu.[3][4]
A festival corresponding to Lughnasadh may have been observed by the Gauls at least up to the first century; on the Coligny calendar, the eighth day of the first half of the month Edrinios, corresponding to the first of August[citation needed], is marked with the inscription TIOCOBREXTIO that identifies other major feasts. The same date was later adopted for the meeting of all the representatives of Gaul at the Condate Altar in Gallo-Roman times. During the reign of Augustus Caesar the Romans instituted a celebration on August 1 to the genius of the emperor in Lyon, a place believed to have also been named for the Celtic god Lugh.

[edit] Modern day celebration
On mainland Europe and in Ireland many people continue to celebrate the holiday with bonfires and dancing. The Christian church has established the ritual of blessing the fields on this day. In the Irish diaspora, survivals of the Lá Lúnasa festivities are often seen by some families still choosing August as the traditional time for family reunions and parties, though due to modern work schedules these events have sometimes been moved to adjacent secular holidays, such as the Fourth of July in the United States.[1][3]
On 1 August, the national holiday of Switzerland, it is traditional to celebrate with bonfires. This practice may trace back to the Lughnasadh celebrations of the Helvetii, Celtic people of the Iron Age who lived in what is now Switzerland.
In Northern Italy, e.g. in Canzo, Lughnasadh traditions are still incorporated into modern 1 August festivities.