Thursday, August 16, 2007

MS WORD is back.

Well I think I finally have things back on my computer. And it only took ten calls to three different company's. Dell said it was a Microsoft issue. Microsoft said NO it was definitely Dells problem, they included the Microsoft software so it was THERE problem. Dell said there nuts it is there product call them and demand they fix it. MS said they can BITE ME they 'blah blah blah' AND AOL...threw up there hands and said..."Don't get us involved there all nuts." lol.

After calling all three for two days, getting the run around and talking to 11 different people...I finally got one person who actually knew what they were doing and helped me get around the reloading problem and gave me a generic code to allow me to download ms word. How insane is all this.
I could have avoided all this just by going and buying the newest version. But who has a hundred bucks lying around to just run over to Best Buy. I sure don't.
So I hung in there and finally have msword back on my pc.
Now let's all just keep their fingers crossed that nothing else goes south.

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