Thursday, August 02, 2007


Starting tonight it is Fair Week. The pigs and steer go in tomorrow. They've gone to get the trailer right now. And then it's off to the fair grounds for tonight's 4H awards.
Every day for the next week, except maybe Tuesday there is a show. Swine, steers, swine open show. 4H show, dairy show, swine show again, steer open show. And numerous things I can't even remember right now.
In addition to all this, it is now two hundred degrees outside. This is normal, it has been nice and cool for weeks and because it is now fair week it has to be sweltering outside. Nice, real nice.
Nothing like heat, flies and smelly animals to make you hungry for fair food. Honestly, the smell doesn't bother me, using a pitchfork to clean up after animals bigger than me, doesn't bother me. A few of the woman in 4 h DO bother me. There are a few leaders who have been axed this year that will make me smile when I see them. I know that's bad but don't make my kid cry after winning the grand champion goat award to piss me off majorly.
So, I'm off to the fair for the first time over the next nine days. At least I don't have to stay twelve hours a day like I used too have too when the kids were small.
Why did I sign up for this in the first place, anyone have a clue???

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