Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dr. Who.

Tonight's DR.WHO?


Rose, Sarah Jane, Martha, and Donna.

Not to mention the TORCHWOOD crew. Captain Jack looking yummy as always. Ianto and Gwen also.

Looking forward to next weeks finale.

Anyone know when TORCHWOOD returns?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jodie?? Jodie??

Oh Miss Jodie.

Where is chapter 35? Please tell me you have a copy of it.

I'm about to beat my head on the wall or desk people. lol. I finally got scan disc to give me the edited chapters and guess what? the last chapter of the book TWICE AS HARD is gone.
I was going to finish up the ending and it's gone. WAAAAA!
I guess I could rewrite it. Probably better that it was already was, but still...

For those who are thinking "What the hell is she going on about?"
TWICE AS HARD is my book. Jodie the saint has been editing it. It drives me crazy that we live sixty miles apart and can't be face to face all of the time to work on it, so every now and then when my pocketbook will allow me to take a road trip with the price of gas to her house, we work for hours and hours on the book. This last time we actually got through all of the chapters except two. Chapter 30 which I'm working on right now, and the last one which I can't find.

Christian and Chase are the same person. Different lives, but parallel lifetimes. He is at first believed to be a split personality, but who is discovered to actually be a past life who has resurfaced to save him from the man who killed him the last time. A thug who had no remorse for his murder, and who is in his daily life once again, and is threatening to destroy the present day Chase. The past life Christian comes forward to try and stop the wrongs from happening once again to the present Chase.

Confusing? not really. I really like it.

Jodie? please see if you have chapter 35 or else I'm gonna have to call 'the guys' in to help write it again. Sounds like a spirit guide mafia hit squad.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

more Pride

Here are the girls. Megan is the girl all the way to the left in the purple stripes.
Here's another pic of Ronnie.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pride Pictures

The Pride parade was so much fun. It was delayed for almost an hour because a drag queen fell off a float, and broke a leg. I don't mean to make light of this, but I guess she held up the parade because she kept yelling...'THIS PARADE WILL NOT GO ON WITHOUT ME!" lol. It took an hour to finally get her put in an ambulance and out from under the float.

This is Ronnie from MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL. He was on one of the Pride floats. He's so cute.

Megan spotted him first as he passed by us. 'IT'S RONNIE. IT'S RONNIE' she was jumping up and down yelling. He heard her and waved and smiled at her. She swooned. She then grabbed my hand and we ran around to the next street and waited for his float to come around again. This time she took pictures of him.
It was so much fun. Megan and I went with our friend Bob, his boyfriend Michael, Bobs niece and her three friends. All the teenagers said they would go again next year.
I have more pictures I'll load if blogger will LET me. I've been trying to load these things for days.