Wednesday, June 18, 2008

book 8? not book 7? where is book 7? I missed book 7?

Boy am I having one of those great big DOH moments. I've been reading the 8th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series the vampire novels by Charlaine Harris. I'm half way through with it and have been confused for most of it. When did they have a bombing? why didn't she build up to Katrina and not just keep mentioning it as an after thought? What happened to Quinn? and why...why why? I've been puzzled at all the missing pieces.

Then the Doh moment. How could I have missed an entire book? I somehow missed book 7. I've read all of the others and I assumed...incorrectly that I was up to date. Nope, now I have to go and buy book 7 so I know what the hell transpired along the way to the book I am now half finished with. I 'know' what has happened by a little of the back story, but damn it would have been nice to have 'known' these things while I was trying to put the confusing puzzle back together.

And just to state once again...this has NOTHING to do with Charlaine Harris' writing. She is wonderful. This is ALL my fault. I still have no idea how I miss an entire book. I was looking forward to this one coming out and ran right out and bought it. How then did I miss the last book? no clue. non at all.


I've finished book 8. And am breezing through book 7. They are sooo good.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Casey Skinner

Love the lips.

The Wizard has a name...

Yep, the Wizard has a name. And it is Jonah.

I haven't mentioned my conversation with him until I was sure he wasn't just bullshitting me. lol. He's a little smart ass. So unlike my other guides. (insert large sarcastic snicker) But I love that. There is no groveling or worshiping of them, they saw the ad as my guides and they took the job. So, they knew right from the get go what a pain in the ass I would be and they still signed on. So not feeling bad that they have to put up with me this time around.

I've actually had other psychics and mediums gasp at the way I talk to my guides. I had one woman so appalled at the way I argued with James Malcolm that she said she "was horrified." She insisted that I apologize to him immediately. I told to go bite herself. "When they respect me, I will respect them. Its a give and take here lady." She never came back to class after that when I was there. lol. Ah well, win some loose some.

Back to Jonas. We were doing a deep trance/meditative session. At one point we were to ask if any of our guides had anything to tell us. We found ourselves sitting on a peaceful park bench in a beautiful garden. I was expecting James Malcolm or Katherine to be there. But instead there was a young man with long brown hair. His head was down and I couldn't see his face for a moment. But when he raised his head and smiled at me. I knew who he was. "It's you. You were in my room Wizard." he actually laughed a sweet laugh. "Yes I was. My name is Jonah."
We were instructed to ask them why this guide had come to meet with us and what did they have to tell us.
Of course I always seem at first to have the Charlie Brown experience. Everyone else is crying and emotional, there guides are telling them deep secrets, showing them the universe, all sorts of magical and wondrous things. My guides usually are picking at a toenail or laughing at me. I've actually had one laugh sitting in the corner of a very important class I PAID for, laughing and making fun of me all day long. When I stopped the entire class to ask WHY THE HELL HE WAS LAUGHING? his response..."Because you look like an idiot. What the hell is all this supposed to do?" When I hesitated and eventually mumbled..."The purpose is to meet our guides." He laughed uncontrollably. "I'm sitting right here. You waisted your money And you look like a fool to boot." I couldn't argue with that though.
Anyhow. I asked Jonah if he had been with me long, his answer "Maybe."
"Are you here to tell me something important?" "mmm, let me think about it."
See what I mean. They love to yank my chains. And I'm supposed to be all respectful and ooh ooh, its a spirit guide. Yeah, whatever.
Finally when he could sense me about to walk my ass out of that garden he gave up the goods. Cosmic goods people, not HIS goods. Although, I'll bet that would be impressive too. He's a looker.
His purpose he says is to teach me to feel vibrations. The vibrations all around me. They are shifting. The entire worlds vibrations are in fact in-flux. This is the next step for me. And I've noticed it already. I've gotten ill at work after coming in contact with a negative force. I also began to tear up and could see and feel 'a cloudy humming cloud' all around a railroad track. I knew a young couple, male and female had died there and in the forties or fifties. A long time to still have a heavy feeling there.

He then told me "Theres something else you need to know and see." I was then standing in a desert landscape. There were gardens and tents and buildings all around. I saw a well or pond like structure. It was made of large brick squares but was round. It was full of glassy water. I watched a very old lady. Decriped and old. She was dressed in all brown and gray. Her hair was silver and pulled back in a pony tail. She moved so gently and slow. She was hunched over with a cane. When she reached to glassy water in the pond and bent to look at herself I felt Jonah lean over my shoulder and whisper. "Watch." The old woman looked at herself in the refective pool and looking back at her was a beautiful young woman with brilliant redish hair, full, and long. When the old woman looked back up and around her surroundings I heard 'garden of Gethsemane." I have no idea what that means or how it relates to me in that life or this one. But I did understand intimetly that the old woman was not what she appeared. She wasn't old, nor was she helpless. She was the beautilful woman hidden. She was a sorcessress. Things don't always appear as they really are I guess.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Another picture

I'm not sure if you can enlarge this picture, but in the upstairs window, the one on the left...there is something there. no one was upstairs when Patrick took this picture. This is a shot of the back of my house.

Off to see the wizard.

This is what I've been up too. This has been going 0n everyday for a five days. The top picture is from today. The bottom yesterday.
At work Thursday night we had the sirens go off three times along with tornadoes to go along with them. They all went around us. Yesterday this was the scene at my house.
It didn't do any damage to my house but a little to the north it turned over semis on I-57 and destroyed a bunch of roofs and destroyed cars. And I can hear the wind picking up once again.