Tuesday, July 14, 2009

IML pics

The boy being laced into the sleep sack. Courtesy of MrSLeather.

This was at the RECON Booth. This was a little thing called an Alien Egg. There was a boy inside. The four sides closed up around him. They opened down like petals on a flower. It appeared to be inflatable and he was sweating buckets. At one point he went down inside for a long period. He had on a rubber hood which looked to keep out all sound and light. And inside the Egg it must have been a sensory deprivation experience. We watched for awhile, it was really interesting. They would move him around. Bang on the sides, which would cause the Egg to vibrate and jiggle. Reach in and touch and rub him. Then when he would start to struggle and move they would let him be to calm down and 'go back into his head space'.
They then took the petals down. Finally taking him out (I have no idea how long they had been taking him in and out of the Egg at this point either) When they removed him, he couldn't hardly stand on his own and needed to be helped to stand and walk. Really wild.

...and This guy.... Well, was just standing there. lol. I hope he was part of MrS and didn't belong to someone who just left him on his own. lol.
I wish I had taken a lot more pictures, but honestly it was like being in Oz. There was so much to take in that I forgot to take pictures. And there are pictures that I won't be putting up on here. Privacy people. lol. Not mine, I have nothing to hide! haven't you all figured that out by now? :)-


Soul mate.






Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Birthday Tattoo

I was asked today by one of my girlfriends, Michelle "What plans do you have for your birthday? and what do you want?"
Ok, my birthday isn't until late next month, and if she's already thinking about it...well, that's scary. cause it means she's thinking of 'something'. She says she's thinking of taking a small 'trip'
See the tattoo up there? yeah, that was her. lol. Michelle, doesn't do anything 'small'.
For the Tattoo birthday she took me out for a nice lunch. Plied me with alcohol. I don't drink. Then asked me "What do you want for your birthday?" Honest to God. I had never in my life thought of getting a tattoo. Nope not once. And out of my mouth the words came. "A tattoo, maybe a tiny little sun" Well, before I could finish my last sip, I was in the tattoo parlor and was looking at pictures and before I knew it I had picked out this LARGE wolf. Three hours later and with no skin left on my back. I was the owner of said wolf. But I do like him though. Some day maybe I will go back to add more color in the feathers.
Then she asks "Do you have a passport?" ???? WHAT?? no, I have no passport. And I'm not getting one, if my birthday is going to include me being Louise to your Thelma. And if it might include any sort of Mexican Border Patrols in the middle of the night? Thank you...NO!
I can not and will not be driving or God forbid running for any borders clutching my suitcase to my chest, thank you! She giggled. She didn't deny it, but just giggled. I think I might be out of the state that last week in August!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fetish pic.

My peeps in Seattle (do they still say Peeps?) http://tonybuff.com/ and http://sextanza.com/
were having a Twitter fetish contest the other night. And needed us to twitter in a pic with some sort of fetish content. Well, the closest thing I might have lying around would have been my 4H animal whips and paraphernalia. But, first I needed to find it all.
So, as I walked from barn to barn collecting it all, my arms getting fuller. My husband on the riding mower was watching me. He stopped and asked me "What are you doing?"
"I'm taking a picture" I said and kept hunting. He followed me into the hog barn. I was bent over at the waist in the show box digging through it throwing things out over my shoulder. Cans of Pig Shine. Pig Paint. Fly swatters. Swine water-ers, all flying out. But I wasn't finding the things I was looking for. See, in MY mind I knew what I wanted for my FETISH picture. The same type of things that could also be used in any kinky bedroom. Not that I've ever thought of them in that way. No, who? Me? no, nah...

"Where is that Red whip?" Where is Megan's Pink Pig stick?" "Why the hell can't I find any of the Steer collars or ropes? don't we have more rope? WHERE ARE THE ROPES?"
By now he was back on the lawnmower. "Why? what is this picture for?" he kept asking.

"Stop asking me a million questions that you don't want the answers too." I told him as I walked to the steer barn. But, he wouldn't stop. He kept nagging. And kept following me on the mower. Asking question after question. Why why why what what what. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and with my arms overflowing with whips, harnesses, halters, and show sticks. I stopped, swung around and just looked him dead in the eye.
"I told you to stop asking me questions you don't want the answers too. So do you really want to know what I need this picture for?" He got all cocky.
"Ok, So, here is what you don't want the answer too. My friends in Seattle want a picture. They are going to a sex party. And are having a fetish photo contest. And I'm sending one in!
These are the same people Jodie and I went downtown to meet at IML Yes, we went down to the leather mart and had one hell of great time with all of the them. I was in HEAVEN! And will be going back next year!
And...I blogged about CONDOMS ON TABLES! And it got picked up by the LEATHER ARCHIVES AND MUSEUM. I was totally honored!...."

He put his hands over his ears and said. "I don't want hear anymore." and motored away.
He acts like he doesn't want to know. But if he really didn't want to know, then he wouldn't have kept asking a million questions about why and what I was doing and following me from barn to barn. Honestly....

I passed on the Pig feeders. Bowls. Enclosers. Pens and paddocks. THAT picture WOULD have been hard to explain to him. LOL. He would not have gotten that one. Besides, I didn't have any little curly piggy tails...