Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Birthday Tattoo

I was asked today by one of my girlfriends, Michelle "What plans do you have for your birthday? and what do you want?"
Ok, my birthday isn't until late next month, and if she's already thinking about it...well, that's scary. cause it means she's thinking of 'something'. She says she's thinking of taking a small 'trip'
See the tattoo up there? yeah, that was her. lol. Michelle, doesn't do anything 'small'.
For the Tattoo birthday she took me out for a nice lunch. Plied me with alcohol. I don't drink. Then asked me "What do you want for your birthday?" Honest to God. I had never in my life thought of getting a tattoo. Nope not once. And out of my mouth the words came. "A tattoo, maybe a tiny little sun" Well, before I could finish my last sip, I was in the tattoo parlor and was looking at pictures and before I knew it I had picked out this LARGE wolf. Three hours later and with no skin left on my back. I was the owner of said wolf. But I do like him though. Some day maybe I will go back to add more color in the feathers.
Then she asks "Do you have a passport?" ???? WHAT?? no, I have no passport. And I'm not getting one, if my birthday is going to include me being Louise to your Thelma. And if it might include any sort of Mexican Border Patrols in the middle of the night? Thank you...NO!
I can not and will not be driving or God forbid running for any borders clutching my suitcase to my chest, thank you! She giggled. She didn't deny it, but just giggled. I think I might be out of the state that last week in August!

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