Friday, February 29, 2008

I need to turn you on.

I want to turn you guys on. No not that way. But to a very funny blog. You might have noticed him in my comments. His name is Marc Acito and I love his wit. He's trying something new each day and letting us in on it. For instance, yesterday he made a tuna fish sandwich. Well, that doesn't sound so impressive, but add to that the fact he was.... blindfolded. Then he reported it to us by typing his blog report still blindfolded. Impressive. Why? I have no idea. But it was still impressive and very amusing.

You need to check him out.

One of the fun facts Marc gives us about himself is and I found very appropriate at the moment:

FUN FACT #8: When my partner edited Attack of the Theater People before I submitted it to my publisher, he removed five hundred commas.

Marc. Jodie feels your pain. She is editing my book and has nightmares about commas. I bet she has deleted at least that many from my pages as well. She calls me the comma queen. I don't see anything wrong with putting a comma where I think it belongs. lol. But I guess there are rules.

I don't know them.

But I assume there must be rules somewhere or she wouldn't be pulling her hair out.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Talk to me baby.

Here's a new picture of Taylor. And little brother Zac, who isn't so little anymore. Purrrrr.
As you can see, Taylor does still leave me Breathless. I do have a 'type' for my fantasy guys. Blond and yummy. They don't have to be rocket scientists, who says they have to talk?? sing to me baby. Hum. What ever. Just let me look at you.

...oh, and if Taylor had Casey's body...Nat would never let him out of the bedroom. Maybe she doesn't anyhow, they have three kids under five.
If my spouse looked like either of my fantasy guys...I might not think of killing him so often. Just saying.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is Casey Skinner from MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL. He was also in the male on male photo shoot. HOT HOT HOT. And the boy is pretty isn't he?
Yeah, yeah, the blond hair and smoldering look. I have a fantasy type I suppose.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gulty pleasures

Guilty pleasures.
Sure I have them. Nothing that would send the moral police my way. Ok, maybe uptight, small town moral police...they can bite me.

There are the guilty pleasures you already know about.

Hell, who doesn’t have this one on their list.

Blood Ties.
Too bad Lifetime movie channel can’t get their heads out of their ass and bring this one back. They canceled it with two shows un-shown. They tell us to come and watch them online. Yeah, that’s gonna happen with my dial up. Would take about a year to download two complete episodes.
Loved my Henry the vampire. Yum yum. Granted I have shoes older than him, but you all won’t tell, will you?
Actually I loved the fact on this show all of the other actors WEREN’T twenty. They were middle aged actors who we’ve all seen on numerous other shows and have liked them there too.


Make me a Supermodel.
I don’t normally watch reality shows, but this one grabbed my attention. (Ok, it was the photo shoot of Perry and Casey doing male on male.) Shocked? If you’ve been reading along, you shouldn’t be.

Ok, that might explain my Casey obsession. He does have longer blond hair and is only twenty. I’M NOT A PERVE. I’M NOT. Ask Jodie.

Ok, this is a puppy. I haven’t met him yet. I don’t even know if he’s born yet. But, damnit I dream of this puppy at least three times a week. He’s coming my way. Don’t know from where or when. But he’s making him self known. I even know his name. Riley.
This morning I woke and I swear I could smell puppy breath. Riley? Can you wait until the summer? That would be wonderful.
Heads up: Murphy is not gonna be happy. I can know he’s gonna pitch one major hissy fit when Riley shows up. He is THE DOG.

My guides.
I do enjoy them. I haven’t heard much from this for awhile. But I have been really all over the place. Usually when I get like this, they seem to step back until they see I’m either gonna throw my hands up, or sort out the shit.

I almost missed a clue today. I’ve told them before, “Sometimes you really have to spell it out for me.” I saw the same set of two words several times today. Didn’t really even notice until I had seen the same words a couple of times in different places and times today and night. I guess their giving me the title to a new story.


Ok, now they just have to write the story. I’ll be expecting it on my computer tomorrow. NO, I’M KIDDING. Man, wouldn’t that freak you out? If you woke up and there was an entire story written and waiting for you that you didn’t remember writing?
Oh, hell, maybe that’s what the story is about? Shit. Thanks.


Torchwood tonight!

Just for the record, I cried. Yep, when they were sitting around the table. Tears.

I love this show. There are weeks that I think, I don’t know, but they always redeem themselves. And this week was one of them. I would have like this one to have been more in depth, maybe a two part episode. I sometimes feel like our episodes are a bit choppy. Ya know? like maybe they've been edited a little too much. But, I'll take what ever they want to give us.

You'all need to watch this one. For real. Not saying any more.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A full moon and numerous other crappiness

Isn't it funny how when there is a deadline, even a self imposed one, we somehow suddenly find at least ten other things that are more important and urgent to deal with. I know the dirt under my stove would still be there tomorrow. I always now know upgrading my LIMEWIRE music files WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. Those song files are lost forever on my computer someplace, never to be seen by limewire again.

UPDATE: have found those songs. They are in Windows media player for some unknown reason. And limewire sits empty.

I told myself last night that I would finish the hardest chapter of my book today. I would figure a way to have Anthony and Alexis kill off Diamond in a flashy sensational way. I want them both to pull their hidden guns and shoot him at the same time. He deserves it, he really does. But, how do I get Christian out of the next room and into the fray without getting him killed, again.
And Jesse needs to somehow end up in the same room with his knife in his sock. Christian needs to pick up the knife off the floor after Jesse and Diamond fight, and Christian will stab him with it to finish off Diamond once and fore all. This way Christian/Chase can be one person once again. Or will he? will alter ego Christian really go away like he promised many chapters ago? And will Chase still have Christians memories to fall back on once he is alone.

See, I have the plot, I know what needs to get to where, but getting it all in place is HARD. Really Hard.

I've about had it. First I fall into a hole in the yard today. Fell, rolled completely over and skinned my elbow. The dog watched and seem to yell...10! When I sat up. He was impressed, I could tell.
Then my computer crap. And my son was hit in the face with a badmitten racket and knocked out a filling. He's finally sleeping and hopefully I can get him into the dentist tomorrow. Geesh, and you know it's a full moon right? of course it is.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I see ... gravelings.

These are Gravelings. They are nasty little buggers. They actually had quiet the 15 minutes of fame while being on the tv series DEAD LIKE ME. Loved that show. Didn't so much love the Gravelings. So, then why were they in my bedroom last night? two of them, just like this picture.

You know how when you get suddenly awaken from a sound sleep and you sit up and are disorinated? well, I heard a loud bang, sat up, and there they were, scurring off my dresser and mirror. I flipped the light on, and sat speachless. But by then, they had run off into the living room. BANG, BANG, FALLING THINGS, BARKING DOGS. SCURRING CATS.

What ever it was that flew through my house, knocked over things everything. There were things off the shelves, doors open. It was like a mini tornado had gone through. I cleaned it up, and tried to go back to sleep.


Answer: I didn't, much. I tried. But everytime I almost was dozing off, BANG, another noise. Finally about five this morning when I heard rustling in my bedroom again, I had had enough I sat up and angrily shouted...

I'VE HAD IT. DO YOU HEAR ME? HAD IT. GET OUT. GO BACK TO WHERE EVER YOU CAME FROM...AND STAY THERE DAMNIT!! I took a few deeps breathes and continued. I don't care why your hear, get out. Don't make ME send your annoying little asses back, cause you won't like it pal. Now, get the hell out of my house. I then said some prayers, crossed in every direction and lay back down. I left the light on for good measure. The cat was sitting on the dresser, swatting at that mirror, which by this point I had hung a sheet over.

For those of you who don't know what a Graveling is, this is what Wikipedia has to say about them:

Reapers do not actually kill people. Instead, deaths are arranged by 'gravelings'.Gravelings are mischievous gremlin-like creatures that cause the accidents and mishaps that kill people. The living cannot see them, though in one episode, a schizophrenic seems to do so. Reapers can see them, but only in the corner of his or her eye. Gravelings do not communicate verbally with Reapers, and talk to each other in a hushed and unintelligible babble. Reapers can apparently communicate with them to some extent.

Ok, the schizophrenic remark, wasn't necessary I already feel crazy enough just telling you about it.

...then again, maybe it was the cat. :) yeah, the cat.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I hear a noise...what could it be?

There is something under my bed, or near enough to it to sound like it is under my bed. It is making some sort of banging, clicking noise.

Now, imagine a car taking a corner to fast. It skids around the lamppost, taking the turn on two wheels. Sorta Starsky and Hutch like....

The cat just did that exact thing.

She must have sonic hearing, because she wasn't anywhere to be seen. Out of the blue she came skidding into the bedroom, taking the corner around the foot post on two feet, glanced my way and darted haphazardly under the bed.
The other cat, her sister, is lying ON the bed and seems to be indifferent to the entire episode. She seems to be saying "TRYING TO SLEEP HERE PEOPLE! KEEP IT DOWN, WILL YA!"

Cat under bed...didn't find anything. But the noise has stopped. But she confidently came out with a smug look on her face. Wonder what kind of smack she was talking to the rodent? it must have worked. It has been silent since she walked away.