Thursday, February 21, 2008

A full moon and numerous other crappiness

Isn't it funny how when there is a deadline, even a self imposed one, we somehow suddenly find at least ten other things that are more important and urgent to deal with. I know the dirt under my stove would still be there tomorrow. I always now know upgrading my LIMEWIRE music files WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. Those song files are lost forever on my computer someplace, never to be seen by limewire again.

UPDATE: have found those songs. They are in Windows media player for some unknown reason. And limewire sits empty.

I told myself last night that I would finish the hardest chapter of my book today. I would figure a way to have Anthony and Alexis kill off Diamond in a flashy sensational way. I want them both to pull their hidden guns and shoot him at the same time. He deserves it, he really does. But, how do I get Christian out of the next room and into the fray without getting him killed, again.
And Jesse needs to somehow end up in the same room with his knife in his sock. Christian needs to pick up the knife off the floor after Jesse and Diamond fight, and Christian will stab him with it to finish off Diamond once and fore all. This way Christian/Chase can be one person once again. Or will he? will alter ego Christian really go away like he promised many chapters ago? And will Chase still have Christians memories to fall back on once he is alone.

See, I have the plot, I know what needs to get to where, but getting it all in place is HARD. Really Hard.

I've about had it. First I fall into a hole in the yard today. Fell, rolled completely over and skinned my elbow. The dog watched and seem to yell...10! When I sat up. He was impressed, I could tell.
Then my computer crap. And my son was hit in the face with a badmitten racket and knocked out a filling. He's finally sleeping and hopefully I can get him into the dentist tomorrow. Geesh, and you know it's a full moon right? of course it is.

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