Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 30.

My daughter made me laugh and think tonight.
She asked me what we were doing for class tomorrow night? did we have anything special planned? not sure what 'special' kind of thing she thought we would be doing. lol.

When I told her that class was cancelled because our teacher wasn't feeling well...
She looked at me funny and said...
"Of all the nights of the year for class to be cancelled, The night when the veil is the thinnest between this world and the next, and you don't have class? wow how strange. What will you do?"

I just stared at her.
"I guess I'll just have to find another bunch of witches to hang out with."

She laughed and seemed kinda sad that I wouldn't be doing anything special on Oct 30.
I don't know why it surprised me that she would know about the veil and all, but it did take me by surprise though. My little girl isn't so little anymore.

I never really thought any thing of it, but in my family, we always did something special on Oct 30. My mom always made a cake or something. That was the spirit night, not Halloween. Not sure why. Everywhere I look online All hallows eve is Halloween, with all saints day being Nov 1st. Samhain also being Nov 1st.
I found the 30 is name day or something, but nothing really important. Wonder why the witches in my family celebrated the 30th? hmm. And why my daughter whom I've never really told about anything about Oct 30 should bring it up? and to believe it is the day to commune with spirits the easiest, not Halloween. I guess Gene memory strikes again. It's in our genes.

Side note:

My mom passed over on Oct 30th 1996. No surprise there. Strange huh.

Well, if the spirits are gonna come a calling, at least they can do is bring a cake or something.

Tell me what and when you guys celebrate.

And what is October 30th in the grand scheme of things.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Class and October

Off to class in a few minutes, if I don't kill him first. Then I'll be going to jail. He's just under my skin today. And this time of year, probably isn't a good thing to do. This week is death week. My father died on Oct 25. My mom a few years later on Oct 30. And My brother two years ago on Nov 1. I really have to watch my p's and q's during this week. I really don't want to be the 27th or something. Creepy.
And besides ...the ancestral witch in me always gets strong this time of year. Every year since I was about 17 I get what they call witch locks on either side of my bangs. It comes in sometimes over night, white. White streaks. There really cool. They kinda freak Jodie out. lol. No matter when I dye my hair, they bleed through in October. A few years ago I woke up on Oct 30 and there they were. Very cool. I think anyhow.

I saw my brother yesterday.
My brothers been dead for almost two years.
But there he was. I've seen him before, but he's always been elusive and I've been left wondering if it was him, but I know it was. Funny thing is he kept talking about drowning, or actually how he didn't drown, but his wife just told everyone he had. ??? When she called my daughter and told her that he had died...six weeks after the fact I might add, she said he had a heart attack.
SIX WEEKS AFTER HE HAD DIED! nothing like letting me know. Distant relatives in Virginia and Florida knew weeks before I did. His only close family, besides his own wife and kids.
Funny thing is that I knew something was up, weeks before she called even though I hadn't seen him in about four years. One afternoon I was taking a nap, when I felt a gentle touch on my cheek and a gentle voice said sweetly "I'm back."
I opened my eyes and waited for more, but there was nothing. I thought it might have been one of my guides who touch me all the time. But there was nothing more. Then a few weeks later she called. So, I know it was my brother who was 'back'.

So, I wonder if she told people that he had drowned from heart failure? or something like that. I have no idea. Hell, I don't even know where he's buried. Not that he's there anyhow.

Anyhow, I'm off to class, working on past lives again. A continuing thread this month.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

And yet again....

I was standing, folding toddler shirts tonight. A little boy, no more than six or seven came over too. He passed his mother and father. He brushed past at least ten other people standing between him self and me. Yet he came to me. Stopping in front of me with tears in his eyes. I asked him if he was lost? "No" he replied. but said..."Something bad has happened. I have to show you!" His tears threatened to spill out. He took my hand and lead me back from where he came. He took me to the misses fitting room tonight at work.

His father looked concerned but didn't try and stop the little boy. I smiled and said "He has to show me something." We walked hand and hand into the first room. Clothes were strewn about, candy fallen onto the floor. But nothing to give me any hint as to what bad thing had happened. The little boy, with tears coming from his eyes finally spoke with a trembling voice.

"I was trying to close the door." He looked down at the floor. A spot near the wall. "And there was a loud bang." He was visibly shaken. "I think someone died in here!" He kept staring at the spot on the floor. I looked past him. I tried to 'see' or 'hear' anyone in the space. But didn't sense anything out of the ordinary. The little boy looked up at me. His eyes full of fear. Again he looked down to the floor. I could only imagine what he might be seeing. I finally took his hand again and told him gently.

"Everything is fine. You're fine. Nothing happened in here. No one has died in this building. Not one person has died in this building since it was built. Everything is alright." I then asked him if that was his father outside the room and he answered yes. I told him to go to him. When we came out the father looked afraid. I just smiled and told him. "Everythings fine.".
I saw the little boy a while later in the store and he was happy and normal. What he had witnessed, what he heard and saw I can only guess.
But I wonder if I'll encounter this spirit again. And what lead this child to search me out? he passed at least ten other people, moving in and out between them to come to me. Did he sense that I wouldn't judge him? I wouldn't tell him he was being childish and making things up?
I don't know. Perhaps he's a budding medium himself, and he sensed he and I were kindred. But I saw nothing he saw. I heard nothing he heard. Interesting.

The property we sit upon has always been fields. Hunting fields. Could the loud bang have been a gunshot? a hunting death beneath our feet? that would be my guess.

But keep in mind. Across the street more than a dozen people lost there lives in a horrible train derailment, not ten years ago. It took place right behind wonder bread where I used to work, and across the street from where I word now. I saw on a regular basis there, a little blond girl. And a conductor type man in a blue jumpsuit. They are still in that building to my knowledge. They both died in the train crash.
So, hunting accident? or something else. Either way, my night was strange. I wonder if my aura shows different than non sensitives? He came straight to me. And took me by the hand.

Ah, the challenges of retail.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Funny customer

I had a customer tonight while I was on register. She was so funny and cute. She had a 15% off coupon if she used her Kohl's card. Well before I could have her scratch off another one, or give her 20% off on my own, another customer turned and offered to let her use her 30% off coupon, as she was finished and was leaving. My customer was so blown away by this that she almost yelled..."OMG YOU PERFORMED A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS TODAY!" Her friend who was at the register ahead of her turned laughing. "What did you just say?" she asked.
"She performed a random act of kindness, isn't that so cool?" we all laughed.
I wonder if this is an Oprah thing. lol.

But it was cute. Just thought I'd share.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A green kitten.

Ok, another strange dream. All my dreams are strange, we all know that. But still...

This one had a little kitten in it. Not just a normal kitten, but a GREEN kitten.
It was a cross between a cat and something. Not sure what, but it was green. It looked almost like a normal kitten, besides being green. But you could look at it and tell it was mixed with something else.
It also didn't quite purr like a cat, something like a purr but not exactly.
In the dream it jumped from the kitten being a small kitten, to a full grown lion size cat. But it still was green and it didn't roar, instead it kinda gurgled. Strange.

....ok. Go. What does this one mean?

Remember the one about the gray hairless dinosaur one that swam in my tub? well the green kitten kinda felt the same way. Loving, different, but familiar.