Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A green kitten.

Ok, another strange dream. All my dreams are strange, we all know that. But still...

This one had a little kitten in it. Not just a normal kitten, but a GREEN kitten.
It was a cross between a cat and something. Not sure what, but it was green. It looked almost like a normal kitten, besides being green. But you could look at it and tell it was mixed with something else.
It also didn't quite purr like a cat, something like a purr but not exactly.
In the dream it jumped from the kitten being a small kitten, to a full grown lion size cat. But it still was green and it didn't roar, instead it kinda gurgled. Strange.

....ok. Go. What does this one mean?

Remember the one about the gray hairless dinosaur one that swam in my tub? well the green kitten kinda felt the same way. Loving, different, but familiar.

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