Sunday, September 30, 2007

The concert

The concert last night...


Those are the only words that come to mind to describe the actual event.

The house of blues was packed. I've never seen it that crowded. It was a sold out show, as is tonight's.

Hanson was totally amazing, I can honestly say this is probably the best show I've seen them perform. They all look thin and healthy. The energy was high and rocking. And oh yeah...Taylor is sexy as hell. He sort a looked a bit like Keith Urban last night, his hair is getting long again and man that just works for him. He definitely has a Samson thing going on when his hair is down below his chin. Ooh yum.
Shut up! he's 24 now, I can say he's sexy out loud now. lol.


Honestly, they really do. If people would just give them a chance in concert they would become instant fans. Hey, THE GRATEFUL DEAD didn't have any top ten songs for the like the last thirty years, but toured all the time. Not saying Hanson is the Dead, but still. If they can still pack venues just on their names, then GOOD FOR THEM. I'll be there when they come around again. Or should I say...THIS TIME AROUND. Yeah, a Hanson song.

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