Friday, September 14, 2007


Well, I've been to the doctor, twice. I've had to go and get blood work done, twice.
I can finally eat. I swear I didn't eat anything that I actually kept down for ten days. Now if I could just get through the day without death defying headaches I'd be doing ok.
...Oh I forgot, I also have these really strange contraction type cramps that are in my sides. Right in the curve of my sides. It feels like a contraction, where it starts off and just tightens up. It doesn't feel like a cramp, it doesn't hurt, it just feels really strange and annoying. They wake me up from a sound sleep. And they keep making me dream I'm in labor. LOL. Yeah, that's gonna happen again. NOT!

Inventory is OVER thank god. I thought I'd go nuts getting ready for it. They brought in a company to do the counting, 75 people actually. And let me tell ya, they were slobs. I came into work after they were finished, and the entire store was in shambles.
Due to everyone using up all the hours getting ready for the inventory, last night there were actually FOUR people working the floor of the entire store. It was insane.

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