Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween gift.

Look what the universe gave me today. Halloween babies. Isn't he cute? I was walking into my kitchen and heard little mewing. I looked around, pulled out one of the kitchen chairs and there he was with his mama lying on the chair. I honestly didn't know she was due already. I thought another week or two. I'm surprised he didn't fall off the chair. But he was already clean and dry when I heard him.

Since taking this picture his mama has added to her brood. Another all white kitten and two gray striped babies. All so cute. Mama cat is black and white. Mostly white. We've never had a solid white one before and now we have two.


I was watching something last night and they were talking about 'what was the worst costume you ever had?'
My kids and I started trying to think of a few.
We couldn't think of the worst per se but I did come up with the not so brightest one.

When my son was in kindergarten. I had planned his costume, made the costume and stuck him to it.

Back story: my mom was really sick. She was dying. And as chance would have it she died the day before Halloween. Well, even though you expect something, you really don't have a clear head. You just go through the motions.
I had already made the costumes, everything was set and ready to go. The morning of Halloween I dressed my kids, tucking and pinning and glue gunning them to perfection....Yes, glue gunning. I don't know what I was thinking. Probably about the hundred other things that had to get done by six pm before the wake began, but as I was putting my five year old into his scarecrow costume....I glue gunned his sleeves tight over his wrists so the raffia would stay in place. I never thought anything of it. Not until I picked them up after school to take them trick or treating before heading forty miles to the wake. I noticed his sleeves weren't the same and asked about it. Poor thing gave me a look...
"Miss Goodman had to cut me out." Why I asked innocently. "Cause I had to PEE! mom you glue gunned me in. I couldn't get out to go to the bathroom."
OMG I was so embarrassed. And to the teachers credit and my un dying gratitude she laughed it off bless her heart.

So that was the year that my kids all attended their grandmothers wake dressed as a scarecrow, Vanna White and a Rock star.

Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've seen the future and it is filled with MAXINES.

I was sitting in the neurologists waiting room and all around me were older ladies. Correctly, a room full of Maxines. Honest to god. Besides me and the little boy with ADHD it was all 70 year old Maxines.

In fact when one came in she stopped in the door and looked down at the little boy, who at that moment had decided he was a fish flopping around on the waiting room floor. The Maxine stood staring at him then asked..."What are you then?" the little boy stopped flopping around and looked back at her as if trying to figure out if she were for real. "Well, when you figure it out, you let me know." Then she walked up to the desk.

There was also the lady who's appointment wasn't until Nov 7th. She came yesterday and argued with the receptionist that "NO, TODAY I SEE THE DOCTOR, ON THE 7TH I SEE THE DENTIST. WHY WOULD I COME HERE IF I NEEDED TO BE AT THE DENTIST?" then she huffed and sat down. She sat there for a moment, got up and said. "I'm leaving. When he wants to see me. I'm open on the 7th." then she walked out. I laughed out loud. I could just see the twitching on the faces of the receptionists.

I'm sure I'll be one of those Maxines one day. Probably one who will encounter little fish boys.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Connecticut overturns ban.

Taken from OUTZONE.

How out of it are we? We didn't even know this was a possibility, but then Connecticut just goes and wows us with a judicial ruling to overturn the ban on same-sex marriage in the state. Actually, we don't feel so bad because the news article we read called it unexpected.
Connecticut was already a civil union state, but the judges hooked it up for the eight same-sex couples who were plaintiffs in the case, not to mention all the other Connecticut gays out there. The Republican governer, Jodi Rell, doesn't agree with the ruling but also thinks that any attempts to overturn it will fail. Of course, some of those "family" groups are going to try it anyway.
So that's three down and forty seven to go. If anyone's counting.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Science question for today.

And the science question for today is:

How long does it take for hot water to freeze in the freezer?



I had to defrost my fridge freezer today. Someone didn't close it all the way and it looked like Antarctica in there. Nothing but frost and snow. I took everything out. The chiseled and hammered and finally was able to put pans of boiling water into it. It worked wonders.
Only problem was by the time I put the last two pans in, I went to lay down for a few minutes and when I came back...OK it was awhile. The pans had frozen solid.

So, yes class. Hot water does freeze faster then cold.
Just thought I'd share what I put into actuality today.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Why do my dogs insist on 'not' being dogs?

Let me go further.
Halloween is approaching and I find that I will NOT be putting the traditional big real pumpkin on the porch. Why? you might be asking. My dogs will eat them. Yep in past years, they have eaten each and every one. I shouldn't find this surprising. Sam also ate every pepper both hot and mild out of the garden. EVERY-PEPPER. He also has a thing for tomato's. Go figure.

Maybe this is a country dog thing. Years ago when the kids were small we found we couldn't hide Easter eggs outside either. Our GoodBoy would follow behind us and as we hid the eggs. He would wait till we moved away then he would eat them. Shells and all. Took a few times to figure out where they were all going, but he was caught with a pink one in his mouth. So busted. He must have eaten 30 in one day. And nope it didn't make him sick or anything. He lived to be like five hundred in dog years. Honestly he was 16 I think.