Friday, October 31, 2008


I was watching something last night and they were talking about 'what was the worst costume you ever had?'
My kids and I started trying to think of a few.
We couldn't think of the worst per se but I did come up with the not so brightest one.

When my son was in kindergarten. I had planned his costume, made the costume and stuck him to it.

Back story: my mom was really sick. She was dying. And as chance would have it she died the day before Halloween. Well, even though you expect something, you really don't have a clear head. You just go through the motions.
I had already made the costumes, everything was set and ready to go. The morning of Halloween I dressed my kids, tucking and pinning and glue gunning them to perfection....Yes, glue gunning. I don't know what I was thinking. Probably about the hundred other things that had to get done by six pm before the wake began, but as I was putting my five year old into his scarecrow costume....I glue gunned his sleeves tight over his wrists so the raffia would stay in place. I never thought anything of it. Not until I picked them up after school to take them trick or treating before heading forty miles to the wake. I noticed his sleeves weren't the same and asked about it. Poor thing gave me a look...
"Miss Goodman had to cut me out." Why I asked innocently. "Cause I had to PEE! mom you glue gunned me in. I couldn't get out to go to the bathroom."
OMG I was so embarrassed. And to the teachers credit and my un dying gratitude she laughed it off bless her heart.

So that was the year that my kids all attended their grandmothers wake dressed as a scarecrow, Vanna White and a Rock star.

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