Sunday, October 21, 2007

And yet again....

I was standing, folding toddler shirts tonight. A little boy, no more than six or seven came over too. He passed his mother and father. He brushed past at least ten other people standing between him self and me. Yet he came to me. Stopping in front of me with tears in his eyes. I asked him if he was lost? "No" he replied. but said..."Something bad has happened. I have to show you!" His tears threatened to spill out. He took my hand and lead me back from where he came. He took me to the misses fitting room tonight at work.

His father looked concerned but didn't try and stop the little boy. I smiled and said "He has to show me something." We walked hand and hand into the first room. Clothes were strewn about, candy fallen onto the floor. But nothing to give me any hint as to what bad thing had happened. The little boy, with tears coming from his eyes finally spoke with a trembling voice.

"I was trying to close the door." He looked down at the floor. A spot near the wall. "And there was a loud bang." He was visibly shaken. "I think someone died in here!" He kept staring at the spot on the floor. I looked past him. I tried to 'see' or 'hear' anyone in the space. But didn't sense anything out of the ordinary. The little boy looked up at me. His eyes full of fear. Again he looked down to the floor. I could only imagine what he might be seeing. I finally took his hand again and told him gently.

"Everything is fine. You're fine. Nothing happened in here. No one has died in this building. Not one person has died in this building since it was built. Everything is alright." I then asked him if that was his father outside the room and he answered yes. I told him to go to him. When we came out the father looked afraid. I just smiled and told him. "Everythings fine.".
I saw the little boy a while later in the store and he was happy and normal. What he had witnessed, what he heard and saw I can only guess.
But I wonder if I'll encounter this spirit again. And what lead this child to search me out? he passed at least ten other people, moving in and out between them to come to me. Did he sense that I wouldn't judge him? I wouldn't tell him he was being childish and making things up?
I don't know. Perhaps he's a budding medium himself, and he sensed he and I were kindred. But I saw nothing he saw. I heard nothing he heard. Interesting.

The property we sit upon has always been fields. Hunting fields. Could the loud bang have been a gunshot? a hunting death beneath our feet? that would be my guess.

But keep in mind. Across the street more than a dozen people lost there lives in a horrible train derailment, not ten years ago. It took place right behind wonder bread where I used to work, and across the street from where I word now. I saw on a regular basis there, a little blond girl. And a conductor type man in a blue jumpsuit. They are still in that building to my knowledge. They both died in the train crash.
So, hunting accident? or something else. Either way, my night was strange. I wonder if my aura shows different than non sensitives? He came straight to me. And took me by the hand.

Ah, the challenges of retail.

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