Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gulty pleasures

Guilty pleasures.
Sure I have them. Nothing that would send the moral police my way. Ok, maybe uptight, small town moral police...they can bite me.

There are the guilty pleasures you already know about.

Hell, who doesn’t have this one on their list.

Blood Ties.
Too bad Lifetime movie channel can’t get their heads out of their ass and bring this one back. They canceled it with two shows un-shown. They tell us to come and watch them online. Yeah, that’s gonna happen with my dial up. Would take about a year to download two complete episodes.
Loved my Henry the vampire. Yum yum. Granted I have shoes older than him, but you all won’t tell, will you?
Actually I loved the fact on this show all of the other actors WEREN’T twenty. They were middle aged actors who we’ve all seen on numerous other shows and have liked them there too.


Make me a Supermodel.
I don’t normally watch reality shows, but this one grabbed my attention. (Ok, it was the photo shoot of Perry and Casey doing male on male.) Shocked? If you’ve been reading along, you shouldn’t be.

Ok, that might explain my Casey obsession. He does have longer blond hair and is only twenty. I’M NOT A PERVE. I’M NOT. Ask Jodie.

Ok, this is a puppy. I haven’t met him yet. I don’t even know if he’s born yet. But, damnit I dream of this puppy at least three times a week. He’s coming my way. Don’t know from where or when. But he’s making him self known. I even know his name. Riley.
This morning I woke and I swear I could smell puppy breath. Riley? Can you wait until the summer? That would be wonderful.
Heads up: Murphy is not gonna be happy. I can know he’s gonna pitch one major hissy fit when Riley shows up. He is THE DOG.

My guides.
I do enjoy them. I haven’t heard much from this for awhile. But I have been really all over the place. Usually when I get like this, they seem to step back until they see I’m either gonna throw my hands up, or sort out the shit.

I almost missed a clue today. I’ve told them before, “Sometimes you really have to spell it out for me.” I saw the same set of two words several times today. Didn’t really even notice until I had seen the same words a couple of times in different places and times today and night. I guess their giving me the title to a new story.


Ok, now they just have to write the story. I’ll be expecting it on my computer tomorrow. NO, I’M KIDDING. Man, wouldn’t that freak you out? If you woke up and there was an entire story written and waiting for you that you didn’t remember writing?
Oh, hell, maybe that’s what the story is about? Shit. Thanks.

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