Wednesday, June 18, 2008

book 8? not book 7? where is book 7? I missed book 7?

Boy am I having one of those great big DOH moments. I've been reading the 8th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series the vampire novels by Charlaine Harris. I'm half way through with it and have been confused for most of it. When did they have a bombing? why didn't she build up to Katrina and not just keep mentioning it as an after thought? What happened to Quinn? and why...why why? I've been puzzled at all the missing pieces.

Then the Doh moment. How could I have missed an entire book? I somehow missed book 7. I've read all of the others and I assumed...incorrectly that I was up to date. Nope, now I have to go and buy book 7 so I know what the hell transpired along the way to the book I am now half finished with. I 'know' what has happened by a little of the back story, but damn it would have been nice to have 'known' these things while I was trying to put the confusing puzzle back together.

And just to state once again...this has NOTHING to do with Charlaine Harris' writing. She is wonderful. This is ALL my fault. I still have no idea how I miss an entire book. I was looking forward to this one coming out and ran right out and bought it. How then did I miss the last book? no clue. non at all.


I've finished book 8. And am breezing through book 7. They are sooo good.

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