Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pride Pictures

The Pride parade was so much fun. It was delayed for almost an hour because a drag queen fell off a float, and broke a leg. I don't mean to make light of this, but I guess she held up the parade because she kept yelling...'THIS PARADE WILL NOT GO ON WITHOUT ME!" lol. It took an hour to finally get her put in an ambulance and out from under the float.

This is Ronnie from MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL. He was on one of the Pride floats. He's so cute.

Megan spotted him first as he passed by us. 'IT'S RONNIE. IT'S RONNIE' she was jumping up and down yelling. He heard her and waved and smiled at her. She swooned. She then grabbed my hand and we ran around to the next street and waited for his float to come around again. This time she took pictures of him.
It was so much fun. Megan and I went with our friend Bob, his boyfriend Michael, Bobs niece and her three friends. All the teenagers said they would go again next year.
I have more pictures I'll load if blogger will LET me. I've been trying to load these things for days.

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