Thursday, December 13, 2007

A gnome named Maplewine

I've had the almost the same strange dream twice in so many days.
It begins with a guy trying to protect a princess like girl. She is sleeping in a room. He looks out the window and sees a gnome rising from a hole/pit in the ground. The guy takes one of the two short swords he is wearing, maybe a foot long out of its sheath, recites something about keeping and protecting the girl and lays it in the doorway of the room.
He then goes to fight the gnome. In the first dream he felt bad, this rising gnome.

But today, once he was inside the building and coming for the guy I wasn't sure if he was evil or not. The guy was prepared to do battle or whatever, but then in the dream I saw that he was suddenly out of his body and standing next to the gnome. The gnome was talking gently to the guys body saying. "Wake up Andrew. Wake up Andrew, today isn't a good day to die. Wake up!" Then Andrew traveled back into his body and awoke. I then knew the name of the gnome. It is Maplewine. And he is there to help Andrew fight someone even more evil coming.

Very interesting.

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