Sunday, December 09, 2007


First off, my many props to my home-girl Jodie. Those seats were amazing. I should say those purse holders, because no one sat during the two hour plus show.
THEY ROCKED! ok, maybe not as much as the last show at the house of blues/Chicago. But, it was a great show. They were wifeless, kid less, and they did what they wanted. Um...including we believe getting really really stinking stoned. At least one member was. And another appeared to have had waaaay to many Starbucks coffees today. WIRED. But I love him.
I just can't express how good they are in concert. They really are THAT good. I'm not pulling your leg...or anything else. Honest.
The weather held out. Except right by the venue where it was nothing but ice. Ice that nearly sent me sliding into Megan and her into on coming traffic. But we managed to stop before we went skidding onto the street. We were suppose to have a horrible ice storm, but it seems to have gone north. Thank goodness.
...oh, and my really cute, classy daughter...wanted to flash Hanson, ala girls gone wild. Bet we would have gotten to the front row then. lol. But maybe not.

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