Monday, April 10, 2006

I have five new friends

Today, I went out to check on the five little pigs. They are so funny. Each with a different look and personality. I can't help but think one of them looks like a mobster. He's larger and porkier than the others and the way he carries himself makes me think of someone from the sopranos. I've been calling him Fat Tony. Did you know that pigs LOOOVE popcorn? nope, me neither.
I had been looking for a large tin of some kind to put extra kitchen crap into. Well, I finally gave up and bought those large round tins filled with popcorn. You know the ones. They sell them now for all the holidays, they are filled with different kinds of popcorn? well, no one here eats it, so it's been sitting in really large ziplock bags since Valentines day. So, today I took it out there and poured it out for the pigs. THEY WENT NUTS FOR IT! And as they all were being happy, wagging their little swirly tails, I started calling them over...And Frankie the Snitch, he just was happy as a pig in shit.
As for the others...I'm not sure what I'll finish naming them. But I don't think they'll let me take them to the fair with names like...Frankie the Snitch, Fat Tony, Cousin Carmine, Paulie Walnuts and Bob. Ok, Bob, it's very mobster like, but, It sort of of fits him. Maybe, he could be married to the mob.

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