Saturday, April 08, 2006

50 things about myself

1. I’m a female.
2. I’m married, sort of.
3. I have three kids, two girls and a boy.
4. I have four dogs.
5. I belong to one cat.
6. My oldest dog has doggie Alzheimer’s.
7. I've lived in three haunted houses.
8. I tend to attract ghosts where ever I go.
9. I’m a little psychic. Or is that psycho?
10. I’m a writer.
11. I write everything from sci fi to erotica.
12. All my stories have at least one gay character.
13. I write gay male on male erotica.
14. I’m taking classes on how to read tea leaves.
15. I don’t drink tea.
16. I don’t like tea.
17. I am a Pepsi addict.
18. I have a mouse living in my printer.
19. My kids raise 4H show pigs.
20. I know what the four H’s mean.
21. They are not HIM, HOT, HUNG, AND HANDSOME.
22. Was a 4H leader. For about a minute and a half.
23. My kids were terrified the sticks in the mud would find out about number 13.
24. Love the TEN TENORS.
25. Have seen them twice in person.
26. Love gay fiction.
27. Adore gay sci fi.
28. I’ve been madly, deeply and truly in love twice.
29. My husband wasn’t either of them.
30. I’ve been madly, deeply and truly in like five times.
31. I’ve had boy crushes.
32. I’ve had girl crushes.
33. I’ve had my heart broken three times.
34. My husband WAS one of those.
36. I love Dr.Who.
37. I want a grandchild

38. I love puppy breath
39. I’ve lived in three haunted houses.
40. Only two of them were haunted at the get go.
41. I’m a book addict
42. I always cry at the end of GHOST WHISPERER
44. If I could look like anyone…Keira Knightly
45. Redoing my bedroom in Victorian pinks and greens.
46. And I’m not a real girly girl. In my opinion anyhow
47. I will always fight for the underdog.
48. I’m a sucker for puppies.
49. I know I’ve had past lives.
50. I’m not good at thinking of things about myself.

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