Friday, April 28, 2006

Night Stalker, the series

Anyone ever watch the old Night Stalker show? I used to love this one too. Carl Kolchak was such a bumbling nitwit most of the time, but, he always did figure out what the creature or monster or 12th century knight wanted. lol.
I did see a promo for a new series coming to sci fi channel at some point, but haven't been able to find any information on the new show or who will even play Carl. Gotta watch for this. Lets just hope they don't ruin it, like HGTV ruined CASH IN THE ATTIC. I love the BBC version, but, HGTV just crapped it all to hell, in my little humble opinion. And where is the charming auction sidekicks? It's not the same without Alistair Appleton.


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