Monday, April 17, 2006

My Basement

First off thank you Hanuman and Jodie for thinking of me yesterday.

And now the story of my scarry basement.

And NOPE I won't go into that basement.
To get to my basement you have to go into the mud room, close the door, step against the wall, pull open the trap door in the floor. Then desend nine very steep steps, the floor is nothing but mud and its dark and cobwebbie. Not to mention things scurying around. The only reason I've ever gone down there is the electric box is down there on the far wall. Otherwise, 'they' can keep it all to themselves.
My biggest fear is getting trapped down there. Once you pull up the trap door, which weighs probaby twenty pounds, it is up. And god forbid it should fall back down and the door should move an inch, you would be trapped down there. NOT ME BABY! Not taking that chance. In fact, tornado or not, I'm taking my chances in the bathtub, NOT the hole under my house.

Now, if it had one of those doors to the outside, I might go down there. If I had another way out.

And as for the ghosts Jodie was talking about...I TOOK THEM HOME GIRL, STOP COMPLAINING. LOL.
Every house I've ever lived in, has been haunted. Maybe not when I moved in, but they were when I moved out. I just attact them I guess.


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