Saturday, April 08, 2006


Well, tomorrow more pigs come to live here. Nope, not talking about my son’s friends. REAL pigs. Yes, the oink oink ones. My kids raise, show and then sell show pigs at the county fair for 4H. They’ve gone through most of the fair animals; we’ve shown cows for 9 years. We did a stint with chickens, and goats. I must say that the goats…WERE INSANE!
So, naturally they moved into pigs. We’ve had all kinds over the last few years. And this year a new breed is making its way into our trophy case, I hope.
Now, I’ve never heard of this one, they are called INFINITY pigs. Don’t ask, I don’t know why.
But, just try thinking of a cool name for an infinity pig.
In the past we’ve had old rock bands names (fog=fog hat, Molly=molly hatchet, Lizzie=thin Lizzie and a slew of others that escape me at the moment. And my husband says he never got high, yeah right.) And my all time favorite…LESTAT, as in THE VAMPIRE LESTAT.
When he was born and I picked up his little squealing butt and looked at his face…I was hooked. This little pig looked like he had eyeliner on. I, who had just finished reading all of Ann Rice’ vampire novels, jumped on the chance to name him LESTAT. My daughter went along and agreed to show him as her pig.
She made me laugh when while working with the pig in the show arena, in front of all to see including the judges, Lestat just sat down and wouldn’t get up for nobody, and no amount of threatening or sweet talk for that matter could get him to move. She turned, red faced and told the judge…’His name is LESTAT…he’s a French pig, he doesn’t understand English…wee wee?” very cute, but she still didn’t win! Her brother did, with his pig…Sarge.

Back to the new dilemma. What should we name this new pig? I keep trying to make my family understand his name. He is an INFINITY pig. What is INFINITY? Where is INFINITY? Hey, what did Buzz Light-year say…”TO INFINITY AND BEYOND?” Why can’t the pig just have that little symbol? Hell, it worked for PRINCE, didn't it? at least for a little while. And why can't I find that little symbol anywhere???
Well, I can just see how it would go down…
“Next in the arena, is an INFINTIY PIG, SHOWN BY Megan…the pigs name is…(shows posterboard with the symbol drawn on it…”SYMBOL…FORMALLY KNOWN AS PIG?” No? No? I can see it. Geesh.
But she is leaning more towards the name GALAXY.
It’s not the greatest.
No where near Lestat status though, in my opion. I'm slipping.

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