Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The white trailer trash aisle at Wal-Mart

And before anyone gets their panties in a bunch...I LOVE the white trailer trash aisle. Let me explain.
I was at Wal-Mart today and I came to the sad realization that they don't really, truly have the trailer trash aisle all year. But at Christmas time it is like Santa and the tooth fairy all rolled into one.

I've informed my friends and family for years that if they feel the need to get me anything for Christmas, I would greatly appreciate anything from the 'white trailer trash aisle at Wal-mart' and alas, they just don't believe me.

How can any one not enjoy those gift sets? They are classic, and useful to boot.
There are all sorts of different gift boxes, just for anyone on your Christmas list. There are any numbers of terrific choices to make, here are just a few. (Pencils out, this is next years Christmas list for little o me.)

1. The amazing set of four different types of Fajita marinades, with a authentic cast iron skillet. No, one would return this one, I'm thinking.

2. The colorful Margarita set, complete with colorful red plastic pitcher and four glasses. You even get enough mix to make any boring family gathering a hoot. You just need to stop by the 'drink and guzzle' on the way home for the booze.

3. The adorable set of four Tony the Tiger cereal bowl set, it even comes with individual serial boxes, and it even comes spoons. A life saver for the kids, the morning after you open up the terrific Margarita gift set.

4. The overly cute M&M candy dispenser. Who could go wrong with this classic I ask?

And there are many more great gifts to be found in that aisle. Anyone on your list who is into...John Deere? Hershey? Or anything cow/chicken/farm animal motif? Well, you will find them right there. That list will dwindle in minutes with just one trip down the Wal-Mart gift set aisle.
And I haven't even mentioned the health and beauty gift sets....

...Oh, and then there are those always welcome Borders books and music gift cards, if you just can't bring yourselves to go down the Wal-Mart aisle without thinking of those banjo players from Deliverance. I do understand.

But, remember...
For the best selection, you might want to start shopping the White Trash trailer Aisle right after Halloween. The best ones do seem to go fast.
:hint: check out the homegrown maple syrup with pancake mix in a darling little cloth bag. OMG, only six and a half months till they put it all out. Whew, thank goodness I have already posted my list to Santa.


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