Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oprah and her damn book club

Can someone? Anyone? Explain to me why Oprah thinks she is the only person in the known world who knows how to open a book and read it??
Ok, granted, she has brought to attention a lot of good books, and has single handedly revived actually going out and buying a book. But, damn, come on...There are some of us out here who actually do know how to find a book, open it, read the back and buy it. Shit, there are still even a few libraries out there some where too. And they do have more than videos to check out, I think.

I personally believe that Oprah should start to really think about her Karma. You know she has racked up a ton of bad shit over the last few years. Maybe the Karma fairy decided that because of the all the good Oprah thought she was doing with her Book Club for idiots, that she deserved some bad brownie points. Well, I want to know which staffer or suit talked her into hiring Dr. Phil. BAD BAD KARMA!
For the record...I HATE DR. PHIL. HATE HIM, HATE HIM, HATE HIM. I don't know anyone more annoying than Dr Phil. And I know a lot of annoying damn people, trust me.

And if I have to see one more MATCH.COM freaking commercial with him brow beating some poor girl about 'staring' in her own life, I will barf. No, not the "oops, a little puke came back up in my throat" type barf, but the 'No time to get to the bathroom, I'm gonna explode all down the hall' type of barf. Now, that is bad. And Dr. Phil equals bad, in my opinion.

Ok, back to her book revival. I guess, I can forgive her for trying to force books down the throats of the public, if she would just publicly - Kill Dr. Phil. Oh, Hell, I'd even agree for a week in the good old stocks in the center of town. As long as he couldn't tell us what kind of loosers we were for watching him being publicly debased.

I could live with that! And I'd even agree to read the book about it. The book you know damn well would follow, in a matter of weeks.


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