Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Falling Arches?

No, not the one's in your feet. The one's at McDonalds.

Megan and I were walking across the parking lot of Wal-mart the other day, and she stopped and stared across at McDonald's. "What?" I asked. She continued to stare. I followed her gaze, wondering just what she was looking at. It's not like she's never been to a McDonald's before. Hell, there have actually been times we've actually eaten INSIDE of a McDonald's instead of doing the drive through. Granted the kids were maybe three at the time, but, I'm sure her memory is good enough to remember it, it was seldom and far far between visits to the inside.
But, that wasn't what was on her mind.
"Did you see something strange over there?" she asked, still trying to figure out what she saw. Then, all of a sudden I saw what she was looking for. The big M on the side of the building, swayed, and came crashing down, right into the parking lot.
I still doubted what I had just witnessed. About that time the manager person, who must have been maybe 14, came out, looked at the LARGE M, looked up at the side of the building, which was now missing a LARGE M. And stood, motionless looking up at the missing arch. Then back down at the fallen arch. I couldn't help it. I started to laugh.
I didn't get to see them come and take away the poor deceased M. But, I have wondered...Who would you call, to come and pick up a twenty foot M? And where would they take it? And who would corporate call to put it back up? Is there a branch of McDonald's that do nothing but repair and dispose of LARGE M's? Do you have to go to Mcdonald University to learn how to do this? do you get something equal to a MA? or BA? or do you just get a MCD? McDonald's Diploma.

Hmmm, me just rambling.


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