Friday, May 19, 2006

...My choice of songs

Well, most of those are indeed from the past. Most of them from the late 70's and early 80's.
Karla Devito was the vixen opposite Meatloaf in the BAT OUT OF HELL video, the original, not the tramp they tried to pass off on the TV special...pleeeaaase!
Karla as it turned out was from Mokena Illinois. And Shell knew her brother, somehow.
She moved to LA made it semi big and then Married Robbie Benson. Remember him? They even were married in Mokena. A BIG event.

As for some of the other music. I have to blame an old boyfriend for those. He was a part time dj once upon a time, (when he wasn't waiting for his unemployment check. Is that considered a job? waiting for the check to come? cause he made a career out that) and was allowed to keep (stole) some albums. He, Michelle and I listened a lot to: Red Rider, Loverboy, Quarterflash, Head East, Silver Condor and The Sherbs. Those were our staple of albums. Loved each and every one. Red Rider probably the least though.
These were the days of my brief, but meaningful 'lost months'. Yes, indeed I was a Speedqueen. Nope, not the kind you find at Sears, but the kind that had a jar of Blue / Green inclears in my bedroom. I have to tell ya, I loved those things. They only were a part of my life for a very short time, but non the less, they were part of my 80's. Six months in 1980 to be exact. I can still feel that tingling in my scalp if I think really hard. Weird Sensation.
But, I could paint a kitchen or repave your driveway in just a few hours flat though. ;) just kidding.

Ok, back to the list. Dar Williams is kinda folkish. She was a member of the Lillith Faire a few years back.
Don Gibson is from 1963 and is country. Plain and simple.
And the rest I think you might know. I have an eclectic taste in music just like I do in EVERYTHING else in my life. I might go from listening to THE TEN TENORS to THE DOORS in a heartbeat. Depends on what I am trying to create.

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