Saturday, May 06, 2006


I'm reading:
The swordsman-by Mel Keegan.
Loving it. I love all his books.

Books I've read this past month:
Mardi Gras Mambo- Greg Herren. (Love all his books)
Nocturne-Mel Keegan.
The blood of kings- John Michael Curlovich.
KINK- tales of sexual adventurer.
Tea leaf reading-William W. Hewitt

Books that are waiting:
The Davinci Code
All three books by Adriana Trigiani
(Big cherry holler-Big Stone Gap-Milk Glass Moon)

Book that I'm picking up this week, that are waiting for me, Yeah!
Someone to Love-Timothy James Beck
definitely Dead-Charlaine Harris
Running Dry-M.Christian
And the second book by Curlovach, can't remember the name. Bad me.)

And in between reading all these, I am writing my own, gay sci fi. I should not writing, because it is written, but Jodie and I are editing. I write, she edits, Poor thing. She has her job cut out for her, for sure. lol.

She says I am the queen of Commas. I think each and everyone are needed and wanted. lol. She disagrees daily. I, am, sorry, chica, but, they, stay, YEAH, for, commas, commas, are, my , friends. HEY, PUT THAT MOUSE DOWN, DON'T YOU THROW THAT AT ME!

So...I'm off to do another chapter for her to moan and groan about. "Leave out the commas, I'll add them." she says. Yeah, right. Like that will happen.


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