Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Things I didn't do this weekend

Hmm, let's see what have I been doing all week?? Not a damn thing!
No, really. The temp went from a nice 70 to a sizzling 96 this weekend.
Ok, I did put the ac's in the windows. Then I lay down and cooled. I swear steam came off me.

I have been walking. At six AM, I have been walking about half mile, four times this that is what about two miles? But,not on purpose mind you. But the damn dogs have decided they like to go down the road and chase rabbits in the neighbors yard. So, at six AM, I have to lug my ass down there and retrieve them. They know I'm coming. (dogs, not neighbors) and then walk back home with me. Assholes.

I've lost four pounds. Lovely Assholes.

I did clean out the fridge today. How long does Cheddar cheese really last? Christmas is probably a little long huh? Yeah, I thought so too...SWISH,in the can.

My husband was arguing with me while I had all the fridge parts in the tub, scrubbing them. His point being. I don't do anything all day. I slowly raised my sweaty brow up out of the suds, and stared at him. "Listen asshole...I have just done four loads of laundry, am washing dishing, and cleaning the entire damn inside of the refrigerator. And I have a killer headache. I in fact have the kind of headache where people KILL other people. And I swear someday that will indeed will be a plausible excuse for murder. Do you really want to me to tell the police when they get here what your last words were??? 'YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING AROUND HERE!' because, in all honesty the only thing I do actually do around here is - LISTEN TO YOU BITCH NON STOP! GO-THE-HELL-AWAY! ....And he did. For about an hour. I swear, I am someday gonna just beat him into tomorrow.

I've worked on more chapters for TWICE AS HARD. And NO get your minds out of the gutter. It's not about THAT. In fact it is about a young man 21 who is a musician who is found unconscious in a bathroom during a recording session. As things progress everyone believes he has a split personality, but truth be told...he is experiencing a past life occurrence. Seems his manager in this life, is the man who killed him in the last. Lots of twists and turns as he becomes the past life person more and more, he has come back to save himself, not gonna allow Tommy/manager to hurt him again. And there are other things he has to finish. Like TOMMY.

(I wonder if this is really just an extension of how I'm gonna do my husband in?)
Writers fanstasy defense? I'd buy it. The defense and the book!

Book is written, but the editing is bull. I HATE THIS PART. Can't I have people who will do this for me? JODIE I OWE YOU! She is doing it for me. She needs help. Anyone want to be my 'people'?

Little Britain...Hanuman, does Daffid say...HELLO MY PEOPLE? When he walks into the bar? Or what does he say??

Ok, I'm finished I think rambling. Probably not though. Expect another post or two. LOL.

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