Monday, May 08, 2006


Charmed... I love Charmed. And there are only two episodes left...For ever. How sad. But, I am holding out for a few things. A few things that MUST be tied up.
First off, I want to BITCH SLAP that one little blonde ULTIMATE POWER little snipe. She must die. I hope they kill her, bring her back and kill her again. Why all this anger towards her?...She is a bitch. An evil conniving little pain in the ass. Other wise, no reason.

COLE--- Ok, I know they have killed him, vanquished him, sent in flying into a million pieces, like ten times? But, I love Cole. And in my opinion they need to pay Julian McMahon what ever his little heart desires to get him to come back for the last episode.
LEO--- and they have to get Leo unfrozen. They must first save the world, kill the bitch, and get Leo back. Just a few loose ends before it's all over.
On tonight's episode, they ended up in the underworld. I was sitting here watching, my only thought at that point was COLE. Cole has to be around someplace. Hmmm, let me see if I can work out some ideas for the last two episodes.
Cole comes back. He senses that Phoebe is in mortal danger from blonde bimbo bitch, and comes to help. He's always loved Phoebe. He would do anything for her. Hell, he even made her his queen and married her. And as a brother in law, yeah he still tried to kill the sisters now and then, but damn we can over look something like that. We've all had in laws from Hell. He just was the ruler of it at the time.
Now, he and Leo always seemed to get along. On opposite sides of good and evil granted, but they were still bros in law. A bond was there. Hmm, maybe Cole can help set Leo free from being frozen for all time. And just to add a little twist, maybe, we can finally find out the truth...Leo really always loved COLE. Who among us hasn't had the hots for the bad boys in our lives? Now admit it. If you had a brother in law who looked like Dr. Troy (oops wrong show, still hot in that one too.) you'd want to do him too. But, I think Leo might be a bottom. He has to be, after all those years being bossed around by elders and those three or actually four pushy sisters. He'd have to be a bottom no doubt about it.

I can dream can't I?

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