Friday, May 19, 2006

Season Finales

Ghost Whisperer. OMG! Total Shocker.

C.S.I LasVegas. OMG! It's about freaking time!

ER. This show is still on?

And my CHARMED on Sunday. And it better not be some lame attempt to make us all think it was a damn dream or something. Gonna be REALLY pissed. I know they are gonna have Piper go back in time to try and stop the sisters from being killed. (last week they were blown up, pretty much, Billy escaped, but we didn't see the body of CHRISTY. The evil little bitch. Ok, I don't like her, I have no qualms about that.) So, lets just hope they explain a few things. Hmmm, like...
1. Did they manage to change the future and Wyatt isn't evil?
2. Did Chris make it back to the future and didn't actually die in there time?
4. And what about Phoebe' visions of the her little girl? Will there be a little girl?
They have some explaining' to do and all in an hour to boot.

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