Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Ok, there is a section of Chicago known as Boys Town. That is where the gay bars, clubs and stores are located. And it is totally cool! I've been with a group of friends and I hope to go back again this summer.

Now, I live waaay out in the boondocks and get lost just thinking about driving into the city, so I must ALWAYS have a co-pilot. So, I guess I will have to coax or better yet coerce Jodie into going with me. We are hoping to meet up with Hot Toddy this summer when he comes for the Gay Games.

Now, for Boys Town. Our little group consisted of five of us. Jodie, Michelle, Bob, Billy and myself. We parked and cabbed it from club to the next. I ended up sitting on Bob's lap. I'm sure he was thrilled!! with his then boyfriend squashed next to the door at the other end of the seat. . He did point out the leather store, but no one wanted to go but me. (He did take me another time. I outfitted him in a leather harness, shorts and a leather swatter. He looked adorable. But wouldn't go for the dog collar. Party Pooper).
The first club we checked out we watched guys Line Dancing. Cute, and sweet. The next we were able to observe the male mating dance, up close and personal. The third and last club of the night was Berlins. Now, Berlins attracts a large drag clientele. I was THRILLED. There was one guy, I swear he must have been near 7 foot tall. He was dressed in all black leather and was wearing a long matrix coat. I was totally blown away.
As the night grew old, Jodie and I went up to the bar. Sitting on the stool a few feet down from where we were standing, sat a man. He was dressed from head to toe like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. He had the shoes, the dress and even the pig tails. But when he turned to look at us...He always had a full mustache. :::blank stare::: :::Blink::: :::more blank stare::: I guess we weren't in Kansas anymore after all. The cute bar tender leaned forward with our drinks and laughed..."You should have seen him last week...He was Marilyn Monroe. I had to laugh. I could just picture him in the white dress and shoes, with all the facial hair. How classy is that!

Let me mention one teeny tiny little thing...

Jodie attracted the only two straight/bi guys in the entire place and ended up going home with numbers. From a gay bar? From men?, two different men...HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?!?

Oh, before I forget, anyone coming for the Gay Games...I think the leather bar is called THE MANHOLE. I might be wrong, but I think that is what its called. I WANT TO GO!!!! Hell, I can't get them to go MR LEATHER INTERNATIONAL at least they could do is go with me to a leather bar, a dungeon or somewhere else that "I" WANT to go to damnit!
...But on second thought I would be really disturbed if I ran into Wizard of Oz guy locked in stocks or a sling in some dark corner dressed as Mary Poppins or any member of the Von Trapp family.
But it does give the line..."Doe Rae Me" or is it "Do Me Ray?"... A whole new meaning.


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