Sunday, May 14, 2006


I hope everyone had a nice Mothers Day. Those of you who still have Mothers, I hope it all went well. And those of us who ARE mothers, God help us all.

I've spent most of the day searching online for divorce lawyers. And maybe this will be the last year I spend living in the same house with a hermit looser with issues bigger than I can fix, I couldn't fix them if I had a thousand years and the patience of Job.

I have three kids. Two still at home, and one married and away. The oldest one has blown me off all week. Jodie and I were gonna be right by where my daughter works on friday night. We went to dinner and then to the book signing for Charlaine Harris and I wanted to take my daughter to dinner. But, she blew me off to go to a mother/daughter dinner at church with her mother in law. ERR. I let it go.
The middle daughter was PISSED. She called her sister up and I have no idea what she said to her, but I haven't heard from daughter number one all week.
This morning daughter one called...I didn't answer. Ok, I know it is childish, but I didn't WANT to talk to her.
Daughter two came home at lunchtime with a really cute card and lunch from our favorite place. And this kid is only 17 and I really sometimes wonder what kind of past life history we have. What it is that she is working on in this life? She was child that I tried the hardest for. And I am rewarded constantly. The card was all about how it was from the 'perfect' child in the family. Really funny. And she signed it FROM YOUR PERFECT CHILD. She then gave details WHY she is the perfect child. lol. A LONG list.

Youngest child and only son has yet to say anything and I will be damned if he will turn out like his father. I will go all CIA on his ass and brain wash him before I let that happen.
And his father is just a giant ass who ...well...Lets just say I'm looking for a laywer who will F*CK him in more ways AND places than just his bank account.
My feelings are... "he has nothing, BUT BY GOD, I WANT HALF OF IT!!"
Nope, not bitter at all. Nope, Not one little bit.

Ok, daughter one just called to say Happy Mothers day. But all she talked about was what SHE got. She's NOT A MOTHER. Geesh. Not even in that ballpark. And she gets roses. BITE ME!

So, just like Christmas I was nice to myself. Hell, I figure if no one else cares about me, then I will love me. lol.
I took myself to the book signing, and out to dinner with my best friend, Jodie. We had a really fun time. And I thank God every day for meeting her. She is the bestest friend ever!
And yep, I know Bestest isn't a real word. But it fits!
I hope everyone had a good day dealing with respective parents and in laws. I do feel for all of you.


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