Thursday, May 25, 2006

What I did today.

Well, let's see.

I blew up the microwave.

Yep...BOOM! I put a bowl in and the fireworks began. It popped, it crackled and then it didn't do anything. Bye Bye microwave. Not a big deal. I had used this one for at least six years. A great life for a microwave I think.
I then went to dig out a 'spare' microwave out of my bedroom closet. Now, I have had this one still in its box in my closet for three or four years. I knew my other one couldn't last forever and I had picked up a spare after Christmas one year. I felt very proud of myself.
I took it out, unwrapped it from its Styrofoam and popcorn cocoon.
I loved the way it looked. Sleek, white, and SHINY. I plugged it in. I set the clock, I read the directions, and then realized it wasn't microwaving. The light was on, it was revolving inside, and I could hear it making it's humming, cooking noise. Problem is...IT WASN'T WORKING! I swear I've tried everything I can think of to get the damn thing to actually warm something up. NOTHING WORKS.
So, my spare, is useless. Of course I can't take it back. I've had it in the closet for four damn years. Damn, I'm microwaveless till next week.

Funny thing was. My son seriously asked me today..."How did you make soup, if the microwave is broken??" OMG! I know he's actually seen that big white thing in the kitchen called ...A STOVE.

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