Thursday, August 31, 2006


Today is my birthday. I am 42...Yet again. Actually I am 46. I can't believe it. Where did the last twenty years go? And to just bring the fact home today that I'm not twenty something...Not that I'd want to ever be twenty again, my oldest signed the papers on her new townhouse, damn she is a home owner. I'm so happy for her!

My fifteen year old has a drivers permit. Well, he will once I take him to take the test. Can I stall him till he's twenty four or five? I guess not. But, he's not driving my truck, unless I can get a new one. And THAT aint gonna happen, trust me.

I did find tickets for Megan to go to the Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday. And it is also her 18th birthday. Holy shit, shouldnt she still be three?

I can't wait for grand kids. Been trying out grandma names. Nana, meme, me mua, hey you, old lady. Don't know what I want to be called. But not grandma Deb. Ew.

Now, no one is expecting, not that I know of yet, but one can not be prepared enough. Hell, I've already bought boxes of baby clothes. Who can pass up brand new onesie that say..."I wish my babysitter was a hooters girl" But, if it belongs to my oldest daughter, and it best damn well belong to that one, I'll never get to keep the baby any how. Her mother in law will lock down that kid the minute it is born. She will have it to church more than it is home. And my little psychic gifts and cov..Meeting group, I'll never get to bond with it.

But, he will be mine in the end. I've already told my daughter that when she has a boy, he will be gay. I didn't get a gay son, but by Jupiter I best get a gay grandson.

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