Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Greased lightening

You guys remember the song Greased Lightening from Grease? Well, I totally forgot to tell you about embarrassing my kids.
Now, you have to understand, I LOVE to embarrass my kids. I don't mean to the extent that cry or want to stab me to death in my sleep, but just a now and then to keep them on their toes. My kids have great senses of humor, sometimes dry, and often undertaker like, but still I love it that they find things funny and don't take me all that seriously. My kids actually like to hang out with me. I take that as a HUGE compliment.

Well Friday night was the 4H dance at the fair grounds. They always have a big dance in the show arena to celebrate the long week of shit they've gone through and to blow off some steam before the next days auction.

Well I was walking with Megan and a few of her friends...One or two I had never met before through the dairy barn heading towards the show arena. The dance had been going on for about an hour and the dj was blasting some pretty good songs. NO slow songs due to the fact last year kids were thrown out for ... uh... Getting to close. Get the idea? Yeah they were pretty much having sex right there in front of the pigs and the 4H gods themselves. So, this year the powers that be decided that no slow tunes would be allowed. So, this year they included a lot of 70 and 80 songs. Great songs too, along with the country that is a stable.
Well, Greased lightening came on and I couldn't help myself. You know the movie, John Travolta and the gang are singing the song on top of the car in the shop and they are doing the little dance, the one where you stick your arm up, then out to the side and then drop down on your knees and then out in front of you? Well, I did that. I did.
It started off innocently enough with just the arm up and out to the side. Then the music took over and I ... ARM UP, BACK DOWN, OUT TO THE SIDE, BACK DOWN, OUT IN FRONT. HIPS KEEPING BEAT, THEN I WENT DOWN WITH THE ARM OUT FRONT. Megs friends laughed, she grabbed me and held on. "MOM, DON'T. OH GOD DON'T" I laughed. "BUT...BUT ITS A GREAT SONG. DANCE WITH ME MEG!" she didn't dance. Party pooper.

I'm crazy. She knows this. Her friends know this. What's the big deal with dancing to Grease in the dairy barn at 11 at night? I'm sure Death and the cows liked it. Heck, the grim reaper needs a break now and then too.

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