Friday, August 11, 2006


Yesterday early, Megan won a first place trophy with FRANKIE THE SNITCH. They took first in her category. Patrick came in third twice. And boy you have never seen a worst sport. He was so pissed at that pig I'm surprised he didn't flip out in the ring and go gladiator on his ass. lol.
The reason he came in third both times (third out of ten other pigs, not so bad) was because the pig didn't want to walk around anymore, he wanted to go back to his pen and would walk over to the gate and stand there. No matter how much Patrick prodded him, threatened him, nudged him with his knee, that pig was having non of it. And after about ten minutes of that pig screaming and arguing and not moving, the judge gave up waiting for the idiot pig to show and gave him third.
Patrick, fumed all day. He is the biggest sore looser. Today he was a lot better. Or they say. I haven't seen him but once at 7 this morning. See, I became very ill at the fair last night. I came home with a massive case of Vertigo. Man, I haven't had an attack that bad in awhile.
I think it was a combo of watching the pigs going back and forth all day, fair food, and just being tired.
I'm finally feeling better and hopefully will be in tip top shape for the auction Saturday. We'll find out the score and winner of the CARCASS pig tomorrow.

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