Monday, August 14, 2006

Death comes a creepin'

In the past few days, death came to the county fair.
We've been going to this fair for ten years and I can't remember the last time something died. But within the last few days there was five.

Tuesday a chicken died. I know your thinking...IT'S A CHICKEN, that doesn't count. But it was the first.
Wed after the big pig show, a pig went into kidney failure and had to be put down. It wasn't one of ours though.

The next was a horse. This was horrible. All the kids were lining up for the parade of champions, all the 4 H clubs gathering to take the march into the show arena, when a horse with a girl rider suddenly bucked right next to the line of kids and tried to throw it's rider. The girl was hit hard when the horse reared back, its head hitting her's. She was thrown off and knocked out. The horse continued to buck, it stumbled, breaking it's neck, but not before the broken bones came through its neck with blood gushing every where. The 4 H parade quickly moved out of the way, police and paramedics rushed to grab the girl and protect the crowds. The horse was still alive and they quickly sedated it. The horse did not die right then like I thought it would. They kept injecting him, trying to stop his heart I suppose. Once the rider was prepared and taken to the hospital, they brought tarps and a tractor and pulled it away. The city kids will never be the same.

Friday night, another horse did almost the same thing, but it did die immediately. And it wasn't right out in the open like the first one.
Satuday while waiting in the make up arena, another horse, just dropped dead. I mean, one minute he was up and ready to show his stuff, and the next he was down and dead. An Aneurysm the vet said.

As we were leaving Saturday night the fog began to roll in and it was so creepy. Like something out of the Omen. So, very weird. Hope Death had a good time at the fair.

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