Saturday, August 05, 2006

Random Thoughts

Ok, who did King George piss off yesterday? Gas was 305 then every station around for four miles hiked it up at or around the same time 20 cents. I literally was sitting in line at one station ready to fill up at 3.05 when the stations across the street came out with the tall sticks and changed them to 3.25. The station I was at at least let us in line finish getting the 3.05 price.

The fair has begun. The six pigs were loaded up last night and took the long ride to the fair this morning. It feels so wrong that they won't be coming back home. And it does actually seem empty and quiet out there.
I'll miss Frankie the snitch. Ah well, hope they are good eaten'. Wrong, so wrong. This is why you shouldn't name your future food.

I'm watching the movie Mr. And Mrs Smith. A welcome change I suppose. Seeing that I've watched the same two movies all week thanks to the variety of cable. I've seen THE REF with Dennis Leary three times, and BLADE: TRINITY. Now, I'm not complaining because I really like both those movies. Especially Blade:trinity. Love me some Ryan Reynolds.

I want to know who actually thought of deep frying twinkies??
You just know it was late one night and a bunch of drunks were sitting around after a eating some meal of deep fried something and they were thinking...What could we deep fry night? Fries? Chicken? Turkey? How about a something sweet? I could really use something sweet, they all chimed in. And a box of twinkies were sitting on the counter. Seeing that twinkies have a shelf life of something like four hundred years anyhow, they stuck it on a stick, added some batter, and a carnival staple was born.

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