Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Label maker commercial

There is a commercial for some sort of label maker. It shows a birthday party with a bunch of kids. The cake is beautiful, but as each child takes a big bite of their cake, they spit it out.

They then show the mom making labels and putting them on identical containers with labels that now say SUGAR and SALT.

This reminded me of the time I made cookies for my kids. I had small kids maybe one, three and eight. I always had one on a chair, one on my hip and one doing something else to make me crazy.

I went to gather everything so I could measure and mix. I grabbed several Tupperware containers all containing ingrediants. I had flour, sugar, salt, butter and brown sugar. I mixed them all together, made the cookies and was about to put them in the oven. I then noticed my three year old making awful faces, accompanied by the spitting out of the cookie dough. Now, this has never happened, they never miss licking the spoons or beaters. I scooped up a finger full of dough and I too spit it out, gagging and choking it out into the garbage. How in the world could these cookies be so horrible? What was wrong with what ingredient? I back tracked, checking each one carefully. When I came to the brown sugar in the container I learned to my horror that it wasn’t brown sugar after all….it was powered brown gravy mix.

I had made gravy cookies! And let me tell ya…YOU DON’T EVER WANT TO TASTE GRAVY COOKIES.
Ben and Jerry should just stay away from that one, trust me.

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