Saturday, July 29, 2006

How did you meet your partners?

I've always been curious, fine I'm nosy as all get out.
How did you all meet your husbands, wives, partners or last nights conquest?

I met my husband in a club, of course I did, geesh, where else would they have let him in to keep him from falling down? duh.

Seriously, I was with my friend Michelle, sitting talking, when a drinks came to our table. Then around round, then another. Pretty soon there was about seven drinks each for Michelle and me.
I asked the waitress who was sending all the drinks? And who was gonna drive home, cause if I drank all those, I would not be driving, hell I wouldn't be walking. The waitress points to a table and walks away. I lean around to see who she had pointed too and there was a guy with another girl. WHAT THE HELL? One girl wasn't enough? He wanted a few more? Trust me, that wasn't gonna happen.
The waitress comes back and says "did I mention that is his sister he's with?" And it turned out it was indeed his sister. They lived within walking distance from this club and knew the waitress from the neighborhood. Well he finally came over and sat on my side of the booth, and somehow got my phone number and that was almost 23 years ago.
Pitiful I know, but that is my story. How about all of yours?

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